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  1. Day 1 was pretty slow. I arrived in London early today so I was pretty jet lagged. Tom Wood picked me up from the airport and we got my computer set up situated. I will be working from home and attending business meetings at the office as well as over skype throughout the course of my three weeks. Tomorrow I am scheduled to be testing out a couple of different casino based games and giving feedback on what needs improvement, etc etc. Tyche has set up a couple of mini projects they want me to work on and I have a co worker that I report my feedback to. I really like the whole team environment involved behind these software companies. Today has definitely been a day to get everything situated and I am excited for tomorrow! I have to be dressed and ready to work by 9 am tomorrow.

  2. On Friday, I started the day off shadowing a lady in a different department. Gillian, one of the acquisition specialists, showed me the ropes and walked me through how customers are reeled in through ads on social media sites and other popular webpages. Statistical analysis is perhaps the most critical skill in this department; for hours, we were looking over percentages of “clicks,” and how frequently the “clicks” became VIP members, or even made a purchase. In addition, I looked at the adds that actually reeled in the numbers, and was able to spot trends in the numbers as a result of color schemes, layouts, and types of shots used for the product itself.

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