Free Labor

Not surprisingly, I was used as free labor at KLI. On Tuesday I rearranged a lot of the office, with the help of Kate’s husband, AJ. Unfortunately, Tuesday morning I thought, “I’ll probably be doing mostly desk work today” and I made the mistake of wearing leggings and a sweater, which meant I was dying of heatstroke while doing all the manual labor… I picked the wrong outfit that day. Plus the next day, I made sure to wear a tank top in case I was doing manual labor again, but did desk work all day and was cold! I clearly am not good at predicting how my days would go.


So after Thursday and Friday I was forced to say goodbye to all of the people I gotten to know, in each of the respective projects. Though on Friday I may have been more forced than Thursday as a co worker would not let me leave until I said goodbye to the team. I made some good memories and friends. They even said I could come back any week after I done working at my summer job. I might end up taking them up on that offer.

13 hours…

This past Thursday I worked a 13 hour day. It was horrible. In the morning I worked with the detectives which was fine. I just continued to help them with the database by putting in more information. I also eavesdropped as they talked about how LeBron James’ house was vandalized. And it was really interesting to hear about what they are going to do about it. I worked five hours upstairs with them just like I would do on a normal day.

Then I went downstairs and I went to a meeting with the cops at Paul Revere Middle School. It was the most boring thing I have ever been too. The only upside was all the free food I got. I think I ate two full meals. It was about all the homeless people in the Palisades. It was interesting to hear all the different people opinions about what should be done. Some people thought that we should just move them so that they don’t mess up the aesthetic of the street. But other people wanted to get them the help they truly needed. I don’t think I would be able to handle these people. Some people even started yelling. I had to sit there and listen to this for 8 hours. I couldn’t wait to be out.

a Tata to Tada

So everyone elses senior prokect ended Friday but mine ended today. It was a pretty tiring two days and I have mad respect for the people I work with. They are working these shows for three weeks and since there are three shows each day on the weekend they have to be there from 9-9. These six weekend shows were really nice and I felt 100% like I worked there because I knew at this point exactly how to do my work most efficiently and I know all the kids and they all knew me and I knew the show through and through and so it began to be fun even though it was a lot of work. Definetely this weekend I was given the most responsibility. I was in charge of selling concessions and delivering them and i was in charge of preshow prep and backstage alone which was nice cus I like a challenge. I also worked a bit more with the owner of POPS, Mark, and he began giving me some of the office responsibilities and I got closer with him. I honestly never wanted to work here and never imagined liking being back in the performing arts world but I ended up loving this experience and finding it really hard to leave having really connected to the ladies I was working with. I also think I learned a whole lot more than I expected too and I am grateful to POPS for the experience!

See You Later Colorado

Today was my last official day of work at Deer Hill! Al gave me a small task to refill and check the spice kits that the staff take with them on trips. After that was done, I was assigned to the fun task of creating name tags that were color coordinated with the boats and I printed out all the boat names and then laminated them. These boat tags were a small legacy I was able to leave Deer Hill with becuase they will use them long after I leave.

At around 10, it came to my attention that one of the girls on the San Diego trip was having too much anxiety and she decided to opt out of going on her trip. I was asked by Amy if this girl could “shadow” me all day until her aunt could pick her up. I said I didn’t mind at all and she helped me with my work all day. We sorted repair kits that go on trips and I helped return her rental items that she got the day before. After, Al walked me to the store and let me pick out a Deer Hill shirt as a goodbye gift. Right before lunch, the girl and I put some dirty sleeping bags into the washer and I gave her a small tour of the camp while we sprayed most of the door knobs down with bleach as a safety precaution. After lunch, we washed some dirty sleeping pads with bleach and soap. Al then brought us up to the shop where I cut rope and melted them together to make bucket buffers (which help keep the buckets from sticking together when wet). 

After finishing up my last day, I was so appreciative that I got to work with such kind-hearty and amusing staff for the past few weeks. This experience was eye-opening in the sense that I was able to learn about how the inner workings of an outdoor adventure program works.

Oh Sticks…

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I started the day off by watering the new patch of grass. Afterwards, I began a task that took me almost all day: picking up sticks. It seemed like an easy task, but there were sticks covering the two field in front of the store and the main kitchen/ house. I put my headphones in and listened some music which helped me make this job more enjoyable. I worked on the stick project from around 8:30 till 12. I felt exhausted and almost felt faint from walking around and bending down to pick up sticks for 3-4 hours, but being outdoors all day was relaxing. 

After lunch, I finished picking up all the sticks and placing them in piles. After I was finally finished, I used the company’s small European Truck they call “El Toro”. I loaded the five different piles of sticks I created into the back. That in itself was a difficult task because I had to pick up an awkward sized pile of sticks. It took a few attempts to get all the sticks from each pile in. I finally packed up all the piles into El Toro and I drove past the bathroom building and found the “road”. I drove El Toro thought the field, which was a bumpy ride and I made it to the burn pile (which is where Deer Hill puts all the wood scraps they find). I opened the side of the truck and pushed all the random sticks off of the truck.

Once my main task for the day was complete, I walked up to Ilikea and helped her finish pre-tripping two vehicles. In order to pre-trip, we have to check all the lights, wheels and a lot of random things that a driver would want to work while using a car/truck. Once we finally finished, I drove the van with a trailer forward and parked it in next to the shop. 

River Adventure Part 2

I woke up at 6:20 today because Ilikea and I are driving out to Swasey’s Beach in Utah to pick up the field staff and help them unpack all their river gear. It is always exciting to be able to view the beautiful landscapes that we encounter on the road from Colorado to Utah.

We made it to Swasey’s Beach right on time at 11. At first we were a bit concerned that it was the wrong boating dock, but I hopped out of the car and asked a woman and she confirmed that we were at the right place. I then walked around the crowd of people, searching for the Deer Hill staff, and low and behold, they were hiding behind a stack of three boats. I let them know where we were and they advised me where Ilikea should park the truck/trailer and we began to carry the gear to the trailer. I helped put the life jackets into a large mesh bag and carried any materials I could find to the trailer so the staff could pack it up. I helped Ilikea and the field staff deflate and fold up the three boats, which required us to sit on the boat to release the air and fold it up. We tied them up and carried them into the back of the truck. The packing only took about 1 hour so we were out of there by 12:30 so we began our journey back to the basecamp.

Once we got back to camp, Ilikea and I helped the field staff unpack the trailer and take out the boats. I helped carry tables and coolers to their destination and I helped wash all the the PFDs (life jackets) in a bucket of simple green. I then hung them all up on a rope so they could dry overnight. We worked until around 6 pm, just in time for dinner. I helped Ilikea and Alex finish cleaning up the gear and we walked down to dinner. We had salad, chicken, potatoes, bread, fruit and brownies. This was my longest work day, working from 7am – 6pm.

Bye-Bye Babies

It’s all come to a bittersweet end. During these three weeks, I was able to fully immerse myself into the worlds of infant care and child development, and am more confident than ever in my love for these things. Although there were some obstacles that faced me, I feel that, for the most part, this project was a success. I already miss all of the babies and am excited to further pursue this field in college.

Casual Thursdays

So at the law office, there aren’t casual Fridays. Instead they use Thursday, and its funny to see a lawyer, park their Mercedes, and walk into the office with sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt. One of my favorite parts about the office is the dog that comes in everyday. Since it is a family run business, most of the “family” works at the office, so there is nobody to take care of the dog. His name is Rufus and I think he likes me. My work space is right next to his owner’s office so he will periodically come outside to see me. I wonder if he will even remember me when I’m gone!