Final day at Wholly Cow Production

My last day at Wholly Cow Production was bitter sweet. Rick and I were preparing the cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment for Monday. I convinced Rick to get involved with the show I have been reviewing for the last 2 weeks. When he arrived(late as usual) he told me to get 3 camera bags out of the large wall closet they have in the hallway. He needed me to check them to see what cameras and microphones he had. We found everything we needed for the shoot, but I also found one of the tapes we were looking for last week! It was hilarious and incredibly frustrating somehow. I convinced Rick that they need someone to organize all their old tapes, so he offered me a job over the summer! I learned that sometimes you just need a little luck. After we tested all the equipment, Rick asked me if I would like to go with him on Monday to the reshoot. I was so excited and planned on going until today when I saw that the final essay is due Tuesday… I unfortunately had to cancel. I feel like that would have been a great learning experience, but I knew I needed to stay home and write my essay. The final lesson I learned was sometimes things won’t go your way, but you jus have to make the most out of what you got. I am going to continue my internship sometime this summer, and I am excited to get back to work!

Digging through tapes

Last week and Tuesday, I spent a few hours searching for 6 tapes made 5 years ago. While this sounds mildly easy, Wholly Cow Productions has been working on TV shows and documentaries for over 20 years. They have about 5,000 tapes on a bunch of different types of recording formats in 4 locations… This was going to be everything but easy. I spent an entire day with Rick (my mentors husband and co-owner of the company) in a 20ft by 10ft storage locker. Right now because they are not in production on any new projects, it is only Rick, Lisa, and I in the office with their assistant and agent working elsewhere. Rick was in memory lane while I was looking for 6 mini-casettes in over 25 different bins. Only 3 bins were correctly labelled with the folders and tapes of the TV shows that were written on the bins. We were unable to find it unfortunately, but on a side note, I think I am going to get a 2 week job of organizing all paper files, folders, and tapes this summer. On Tuesday we looked in his car, and the closet at their office. We still couldn’t find it. They could be anywhere. Rick found some of the other tapes for this old show on top of his refrigerator. The only other places they could be is at their home office, someplace that doesn’t make any sense, or they were thrown away. Anyways, this experience taught me the values of ORGANIZATION.

Developing a TV show

Today at Wholly Cow Production, I got to sit down with one of the producers and look over film I just finished annotating the day before. The project was going to be cancelled after they pitched an idea for a show to a network who turned it down, but someone had the idea of changing the focus of the show. I had to go back through old footage to find film we could use for the new pitch we are going to be working on. Rick Silver (the producer and husband of my mentor, Lisa) was very doubtful that we could make this work, but he was actually very surprised with what I found, and he thinks we might be able to make a new pitch with this. Today I could have saved/created a new TV show which is very strange feeling. Tomorrow we are going to work on a 3 minute clip that we would send to a network for them to see what the show will be like.

Getting settled at Wholly Cow Productions

Today after arriving at the office around 11 pm I had the unfortunate task of watching multiple hours of uncut footage. I had to sit in my office (the conference room) and be the first person to watch all the different clips the cameramen had shot for the show we are currently working on. While I was watching, I had to write short summaries of the clips, so once we develop the plot structure of the show we will be able to find all the different interviews and clips. The show we are working on is about Coach Patty’s Gymnastics, and most of the clips I watched were interviews of a few of the coaches, gymnasts, and parents of gymnasts. This program is still in development which means that no network has bought the rights for the show or has agreed to finance the filming of it yet. We are currently working with the people who shot the footage by recommending our own ideas on the style and format of a possible show for Coach Patty’s Gymnastics that would allow it to get picked up by a major network.

That is about everything I currently know about this project, but once I am done with this I will be starting a new assignment that will involve researching current and upcoming programming on a few networks which will eventually lead to me pitching an idea for a new show for one of those networks.