13 hours…

This past Thursday I worked a 13 hour day. It was horrible. In the morning I worked with the detectives which was fine. I just continued to help them with the database by putting in more information. I also eavesdropped as they talked about how LeBron James’ house was vandalized. And it was really interesting to hear about what they are going to do about it. I worked five hours upstairs with them just like I would do on a normal day.

Then I went downstairs and I went to a meeting with the cops at Paul Revere Middle School. It was the most boring thing I have ever been too. The only upside was all the free food I got. I think I ate two full meals. It was about all the homeless people in the Palisades. It was interesting to hear all the different people opinions about what should be done. Some people thought that we should just move them so that they don’t mess up the aesthetic of the street. But other people wanted to get them the help they truly needed. I don’t think I would be able to handle these people. Some people even started yelling. I had to sit there and listen to this for 8 hours. I couldn’t wait to be out.

Week Three

On Tuesday I was upstairs with Detectives and I was helping them make a database of all the criminals from 2017 so it will be easier for them to find someone if they commit the crime again. This is a lot like it is in the movies and tv shows when they can just look someone up based on what they look like or the crime they committed. Its way faster because then they don’t have to go through ever file trying to find one guy who may or may not exist. I got to learn lots of new vocab. and codes that stand for different crimes. At the beginning of the week all I wanted was to be done. But as the week went on I slowly started to get close to everyone and on Friday I really didn’t want to leave.

On Thursday I was upstairs with them again and I did a lot of the same things. But one of the officers brought in free food for everyone. Because they are moving to a different station so it was there pay out. I think I didn’t pay for food the whole 3 weeks I was there. I was either in a meeting and free food was offered or I would be at a restaurant with cops and they would be given free food. So we would just leave a giant tip.

Friday was really sad. I’m going to miss everyone. The detective I was working for didn’t know it was my last day until right before I left. He felt bad because he said he would have taken me out for lunch. But it was ok I went out to lunch with cops downstairs and they told me that I should watch Friday the 13th when its dark outside at camp and then walk around by myself. Before I left the detective told me he would write me a letter of recommendation if I needed it because he was really impressed with my work ( I was shocked).

Week Two

Other than Monday I did not do anything very interesting this week. I went out to a meeting with the captain of the station. There were people from all different department of LA and so many different people to talk to. It was really interesting to see what people had to say about crimes going on in LA.  It was a 3 hour meeting but still very interesting. I ended up working almost 7 hours that day. But it was a lot of fun and very interesting.

For the rest of the week I spent most my time upstairs with detectives. I am helping them do a lot of stuff with tech but I don’t know how much I can say about that because it is top secret. I’m starting to get really close with the detectives they will even go out and buy me lunch when I have stuff to do and can’t go out myself. I also you pull out paperwork from the fillies that they needed to make copies of it. That was not fun. Some of the fillies that I pull can be interesting. But for the most part I try to do it really fast so I can start doing to more interesting things.


This Monday was maybe the best day of my life! I got to ride in a police helicopter. It was so fun we tried to fly over my house but it was so foggy. But I did get super close to the Hollywood sign (picture below). It was a really excited compared to what was doing all the other days just filling paperwork. I’m so tired of doing all the paperwork.

Going in the helicopter was so much fun I even got to see what they do in real crimes. I saw two guys get arrested. The helicopter will direct the police cars how to get to get to where they need to go the fastest. By giving them directions up in the sky. They will also circle around the house to male sure no one tries to escape out the back or anything. It was so cool and so much fun.

The only thing that I was worried about was getting sick because they say a lot of people get air sick. And I don’t usually eat breakfast but they told me a should eat something before I fly. So I bought a Coke and animal crackers from the vending machine and had that for breakfast. It was a pretty gross breakfast. But if it helped me not get sick then it was worth it.

When I was on the helicopter I didn’t really know what I should say to the pilots. They kept telling me that I was really boring. But I didn’t really have anything interesting to tell them. I don’t think they want to hear all my high school stories. So I ended up talking to them about how I go to camp in the summer and how excited I am to go again this summer. Which I liked talking about but I don’t they found it very interesting.

I was up in the helicopter for 3 hours! It was a long time but I lot of fun. I wish I could do that as my job. Because you get to be a lot of help but you are also in a helicopter. It was a once in a life time experience. And they get to do it ever day. It was lot of fun and I hope I get to do something else cool next week.

Community Service

Sorry it took me so long to post this but last Wednesday I did community service for the police department. To try and help to prevent cars from getting stolen in the future. What we did was put the Vin number of people’s cars on all the windows.

What the Vin number does is when someone’s car gets stolen when the police find the parts or car they can find who owns it and return it. What I was told was that robbers are less likely to take your car if they see the Vin number on all the windows. So I spent 6 very boring hours standing out in the parking lot at the police station handing out forms. It was a very long day.

Not very many people showed up but what they told me was over the last few years less and less people came to this event. And they think its because the car companies are putting the Vin numbers on all there new cars.

The day was not a total loss because I got on the cops good side and they know I’m willing to do anything.

First Week

I’ve had a really long week. It started out kind of fun on Monday when I got to go for a joy ride in a police car. But for some reason they will not give me a gun. They are going to regret that one day. We then went up to the Palisades where we went to check on a abandoned shack. To see if it broke any of the cities regulations. Really interesting…NOT. And they wouldn’t even let me turn on the sirens. So that was day one which was pretty boring but I thought it was just a slow first day.

But no the second day was definitely worse. They but me upstairs with the detectives which sounds like fun at first but I spent two hours shredding paper. An then I spent the rest of the time filling papers. The only up side is that I met a much of really nice detectives and maybe got my foot in the door for the future. But that was day two not a whole lot happened.

Day three was a little bit better than day two I was with the detectives but this time I helped with a community services event to try and help prevent cars from getting stolen in the future. I will talk more about it in my next blog which I will probably post tomorrow or the day after. It was a slow day but I did learn that my car (Honda Accord) is on the list of car that are most likely to get stolen.

On the fourth day I made calls to people who’s cars were stolen in the last few months and offered them a Club. Which is something you put on the steering wheel to prevent your car from being stolen. It is really useful on cars that don’t have alarm systems. Most people I didn’t reach and just left a message.

Day five was probably the best day so far. We went and found an RV parked in the Palisades. It apparently had been parked there for three days now and had two dogs in it. The dogs were taken out of the cars and are probably now in good hands. Then we went down to the beach and went for a ride in the police car in the sand. It was so much fun. I am hoping that next week will be a little more interesting. They are going to show me all the different academies where they train all the new officers.