Senior Project Finished

My senior project is now over and I had a lot of fun during my 3 weeks. I got to be an important part of the company with all the projects I did, and it was great how much they trusted me and how pleased they were with my work. Everyone there was super nice and I’m going to miss the friendly environment, but everything I learned during my time there will definitely be able to be put to good use in the future.

Week 3

Since I am now finished with the war-themed project I have been working on, and there are no other projects that the company has been hired to do, I’ve pretty much been relaxing and hanging out around the office. They made me finish watching all of the videos they have made, and they’re all pretty cool. They also had more time to tell me more about their company and what they have done in the past. This is one downside of working at a project-based company because they have no idea when they are going to be hired for a new project, but on the other hand I actually got to do stuff and be a big  part of one of their projects, which I wouldn’t have been able to do at other companies.

End of The Second Week

During the end of the second week I was required to find more clips for the same project they are doing, but I had different things I needed to find. First I was tasked with finding heated debates in EU parliament, and some of the ones I found were quite funny and entertaining. In one of them Nigel Farage called EU President, Herman Van Rompuy a “damp rag”. Then I had to find videos of nerve gases, EMPs, unnatural weather, people getting vaporized and female soldiers. Then the next day I had to find videos of European soldiers/Special Forces reloading weapons which was super hard. I went through tons of videos on Youtube looking up videos of pretty much every country’s special forces. I thought I would be able to find a scene from a movie instead of just reloads in a training exercise, and I was almost certain when I found a clip of a movie called L’Assaut which is about the French GIGN counter-terrorism unit, but it seems like they all had infinite ammo. So I just have to stick with videos of training exercises for European Special Forces, as well as one commercial from SAAB who made an anti-tank recoilless rifle.

First Half of The Week

On Monday I kept on working on the same project for the TV company they are working with. For the first half of the day I was trying to find some more war themed clips and clips of Nuclear Power Plants and Steel Mills, etc. However, later in the day I had to find clips from movies with blueprints in them which was a very hard task. Google didn’t help me find anything so I had to just try as hard as I can to go back in my memory to figure out movies that might have them.

Then on Tuesday I had to find scenes of Laboratories and Armories/Shooting ranges. Finding labs was a piece of cake because pretty much every modern movie has a scene of one. Finding armories was a little harder though. The only ones I could remember from the top of my head were from Aliens and Men in Black, but those are too futuristic for the project I am working on. Luckily this time Google actually had answers unlike for blueprints, so I found a couple in the end.

Work? More like fun

On Thursday I got a new project to do and I had a blast with it. Andreas who is the editor gave me the task of going through movies to find post-apocalyptic landscapes, war scenes, and scientific stuff such as windmills, oil rigs, power plants, solar panels, atomic particles, etc. I can’t complain at all because I basically got to watch a bunch of movies until I saw one of those things he requested, and then I just had to write the time down. I went through movies like The Book of Eli, I am Legend, The Hurt Locker, World War Z, Jarhead, etc. Finding the more technological and scientific stuff was harder because I couldn’t think of movies that had them so then I just used Youtube to find videos of real life. The only movie I actually went through was Armageddon because I knew there was an oil rig, but the rest I looked up on Google/Youtube.

On Friday I learned of a cool tradition they have at the office, and that is that every Friday they all eat ice cream together. I had a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream with some Chips Ahoy cookies.

Also, one of the guys there, whose name is Filip, told me that next week he has a cool project for me in store so I can’t wait to see what it is.


First day at Made by Forest

My first day was pretty swell I must say. The company I am working for is an advertisement/production company, and they have made many commercials and music videos such as commercials for Sony, Wyborowa, The Swedish Armed Forces, and Volvo, and music videos for ex-Swedish House Mafia member, Steve Angello. I saw the editor finish up cutting their newest commercial project which is for a company that makes headphones that are water proof. It was quite a weird commercial, but cool at the same time.

Later in the day I had to go through lunch/dinner scenes in 3 different movies and find and list every thing on the tables. This is for a collaboration project with a Swedish cheese company where they are going to recreate those scenes but with a camera overhead looking at the table only and people have to guess what movie the scene is from.

All in all I am having a good time and everyone here is super nice.