One Last Thursday

It was in the middle of the day when it began. The room was small, the air thin, but stuffy, and all I could think of was my task. I had been given very detailed instructions, warned of the importance of my work. There were to be no mistakes. Stress was high, but I had known from the start, this had to be done. So there I was, standing, the wooden handle of my blade held high. My muscles tensed in the moment, I had done this so many times before, yet it was still so unfamiliar. No one ever gets used to something like this, being sent in to make the final marks, then sent out, as though no man had even entered the room. I was a machine, meant for but this one task, programmed for the one function. My mind could wander wherever, but my body was to do but one thing.

My breath deepened, as I pushed the blade down. It fell, lower and lower, till it reached it’s mark. It was swift, it had to be. So quick, yet it seemed to last so long. Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, everything slowed. My ears became shot with the sound, such a horrid sound, it was as though someone were riding ice skates down a steel path. It pierced my ears like the sharp screech it was, screaming as my blade fell further.

Then it all stopped, all the sound, all the movement, everything. It was an abrupt silence. Light drifted in through the skylight above. I saw what I had done. It was as clear as the sky above me. That which had once been one, was now in two, a perfect two at that.My blade was rugged, yet the mark was so clean. The paper was in a perfect state for the lanyards which it was to be placed. It was one of many to be cut, but it was the first. I was brought back to reality, brought back from my mental displacement. I had returned, yet I felt as though I had left something behind. Something that I would never be able to replace. I looked down, I needed to know what was gone. I was greeted by the gaze of the paper cutter, so old, the spring echoing it’s squeak, but I didn’t find the answer. I couldn’t, because what I had left behind was no longer in the room with me.

In fact, it was in the room over, only a short walk away, but it had been forgotten. The lanyards. I had cut the name tags, but I needed the plastic containers to truly finish my task. I had done so well, yet still it was incomplete. I walked over, grabbed them, and began stuffing the name tags into the plastic. Honestly, it was really fast. And then, my task was done.

Getting my Stuff Posted

During my internship, I’ve been writing multiple blogs for the Five Acres’ tumblr. I’ve written about seven so far, as this has only been a part of what my internship includes. However, as it remains a continuous part, I figure it’s best to show one of the shorter ones on this blog. Makes it kinda nice to have a blog within a blog, so that other blog poster and blog readers may read my blog which is actually being posted on tumblr, even though I am posting it on the blog here. Felt like writing a run on.
Each day, as I arrive to the office, I take a short stroll to the actual workplace. Hardly even a block’s distance. However, what I observe on this walk is something that will always remind me of Five Acres. I will forever be in remembrance of my first steps up to Five Acres. I walked along the street for a short bit before reaching the building, houses on either side of the road, until I saw a larger structure, with lush plant-life surrounding the path to its entrance. The building was larger than the houses in the area, but it still fit in. It truly has the feeling of belonging there, much like how a body cannot move without a heart, this helps pump even more flow through the streets. The picture of Five Acres in the community it assists, and the way it stays so harmonious with the area around it will always be a memory running through my head. The main building looks much like a school, welcoming, and peaceful. The reason I bring this up is because in the way I perceive it, Five Acres is a part of the community, not an outside service working to help out, but rather a piece of the community, a part which knows the land like no other.
As I stroll up to the building, I see people walking towards it, co workers, parents, and the kids who attend. It’s in the late morning, so I hear kids at play, the gentle rumble of distant cars, and the sounds of the nature around me. Simply by being there, it’s as though Five Acres’ building brings along a resounding peace to the area.The way Five Acres is so in sync with the community it is working so hard to help allows both the community and itself an extreme chance to improve in many aspects. Since Five Acres is right in the thick of the community, they can help the people directly, there is no middle man, no bridge to cross, just need and help. This helps both to such an extent on its own, giving each far more opportunities than any other option could offer. The harmony between the two eases any tension there might be with a different circumstance. It is the difference between asking a family member to help in the kitchen, and asking a pure stranger. The service provided is one that is familiar, and welcomed in the community. Safety of children will always be a care, no matter the person. Kids are the next generation, and they need the best care we can offer.

Office Work and Falling Asleep on a Bus

Since the first few days, I have been working in the office of a staff member who was on vacation. The office was is, and it has the perfect little desk for me. Just today, the staff member, Susan, returned, and I swear, she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She came back, greeting everyone in the office with a “hi”. The other day, I had made a little origami flower, and left it in the office thinking I was the only one to be working in the office the next day, so who else would care if it’s in “my” office. But she took it with grace, even slightly bragging about her office flower.
She was quick to offer me back my spot in the office, in the little corner by the door. It’s really just so perfect for, I can’t stress that enough. There’s a nice spinny chair, only one arm rest, but I sit slightly angled with one arm on the desk, so that works out fantastic. On the desk there is literally, just enough space. But I like it that way, it’s not cluttered, it’s not open. I’ve got some nice foot space, I can cross my legs like a proper lady, and I can still lean back and relax to music. Susan just plays some nice jazz, so I don’t even need to use my phone anymore. The drive to work is also greater than ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have been working each and every day, but as many know, when someone else is in the room, one’s drive to almost “show off” naturally emerges. Much like that feeling when we’re alone at home versus when we’re with others. Picture your food options. Now picture which ones you choose. Perhaps you’re really not affected at all, but for me, I’ll eat carrots a lot more when other people are home, and then if no one’s there potato chips. Both are delicious, just one I feel is more acceptable, so I seize opportunities with the other.
As I’m getting off track anyways, I can tell you all a little story. I fell asleep on the bus ride home yesterday. I fell asleep on the wrong bus ride home yesterday. I fell asleep for a long time on the wrong bus ride home yesterday and ended up in Palos Verdes. I had forgotten my glasses that day at work, so when I saw a blurred 4_8 on the bus that was about to leave I thought it was safe to assume that was my bus. It’s never safe to assume. At least not with me, as when I assume things, I’m often wrong. Anyways, it ended up being the 448, not the 438, but I honestly couldn’t tell the routes apart. I have no clue what the routes look like, I only know the start of the 438 and the end. Nothing in between. Now I’m all paranoid about buses. Buses will haunt me for years to come. But that’s okay, because I still enjoyed the train rides.

Learning How to Tri-Fold

So I stepped into work today at Five Acres, and found that today was to be one of those days where I would be dealing with filing, and that sort of stuff.  My mentor was out with her kid at a doctor’s appointment, so I was the the whim of my coworkers.  I was handed a large stack of donation letters, and thank you cards, and shown the general fashion of how to fold a letter into perfect threes. After that, I was left in the office to finish my stack of letters, the proceed to the organizational and filing portion of the job.  Most days I work on the company blog posts, however today was just letters.  It was pretty mindless work, however it was oddly exhilarating.  I understood how it was stuff that needed to be done, and as it was being sent out to key donators, it needed to be done nicely.  All in all, I did over five hours of folding, and organizing letters, yet still felt accomplished at the end.  The process is quite simple, the letters are already organized into batches based off the donators and location.  After that, I first go through and put all the letters into the envelopes, placing all the copies of letters beneath a cover slip for the batch.  Once all the letters have been stuffed, I go through it all again, and staple the copies to the actual donations, as they are the part which will be placed into an accordion folder for future use. That’s pretty much it, standard alphabetical order from there.

Kinda exciting, I have this one stop during my commute at Union Station, and right between my two rides, one along the red line, and the other along the gold line, there’s this Wetzel’s Pretzels.  I am not proud to have eaten Wetzel’s for lunch, but the cinnamon bites are delicious.  I’m not ashamed, just not proud.  For any seniors who happen to read this, congrats on your first week.  Goodnight everyone, I’m going to bed

First Day at Five Acres, Though I’m Writing About It the Day After

After completing a two and a half hour commute through use of Los Angeles public transportation, I found myself facing the wonderful building which homes the organization Five Acres. Already tired out of my mind, I walked inside to be introduced to my mentor, Rebecca Haussling, who graciously toured me around the facility. I am proud to say I am now the owner of my very own sticker, which I have placed upon the back of my phone, though I fear it may leave some glue behind. Anyways, I toured the campus, and was then brought up to what would be my office. As a coworker is currently on vacation, I have my very own office. For the first day, I sat on a small desk in the back of Rebecca’s however, to get a general feel for the place. Unlike me, Rebecca is far more outspoken of a person, and thus any sounds heard were from her making work calls, while I began writing a little blog for the company. I figure, what better way to blog for this senior project, then to post my blog for work. FYI, I’m working in public relations.

“From a warm breeze to a child’s smile, the grounds of the Five Acres has already accepted me with warm arms. Brought here for my first day as an intern, I was given a short introductory tour of the organization’s campus. Shaped to surround the community with a warm embrace, the cottages line the sides, as the offices and schools create the general front and back of the square shaped grounds.

Now sitting in an office with my superior, I am given a moment to reflect upon it all. To be perfectly honest, I don’t actually perceive this as an office, as there isn’t a strenuous tone given throughout. There is an open window beside my chair, and looking through it gives me view unlike any other. With a simple turn of my head, I am welcomed by the sight of a sunlit lunch table, and the sounds of a basketball bouncing in the background. Children cheering and laughing at play, all contributes to the peaceful nature of this little oasis. The space is a home to joy and play, and I am once again fallen into the lull of a ever growing smile. The warmth of the sun is not wasted upon an empty May day, as both staff and kids walk across the grounds. As some wander about, others seem to sit back and enjoy the natural amazement they have been entered into.

It may be a Spring May, but it already feels like Summer, as the sounds of birds and joy waft through my ears. Were I not already aware, I would have assumed I was sitting in a museum, just peering into an artist’s rendition of pure serenity, which in essence I am. The artist is both the kids and Five Acres, and as I gaze upon it in a newcomer’s view of wonder, I cannot help but desire to see as the artists creates even more of this serendipitous world for us all to experience.”

I titled it “A View from the Window.” Hope Y’all enjoyed, We shall talk again next time I so happen to blog.