My boss hooks it up

Today is my last day here at Focusrite and I have to say, I’m not sad about leaving. I gave my final presentation to my mentor and he really enjoyed it which was a relief. He also hooked it up with free lunch. I got a fat burrito and a very good taco that he bought me from a food truck called Kogi. It was so much food but he paid for it so I made sure to finish everything because it was free food. He is also trying to hook me up with a free launchpad which would be absolutely dope. Those things are expensive. Well that’s pretty much all

The Ol’ Switcheroo

I keep having to move desks because my mentor really likes to rearrange us for some reason. It’s fine though because I just have a laptop and some cords to move. I’m moving to another desk tomorrow too…

Anyways, I’ve been spending time working on this presentation for my mentor, which I will build off of for my Vistamar presentation. Other than that, I’ve been trying to completely wipe this old Sony computer but it’s honestly really screwed up and won’t let me wipe it so I have to delete 100+ programs by hand, LOL. Only 2 more days baby essssgettittt

Why is Fry’s Electronics Hawaiian Themed?

The title of this blog is not very relevant to my day at work but actually does anybody know? It doesn’t make sense. They literally sell electronics and I just don’t get why it’s fully Hawaiian themed in there.

Anyways, I did some more selling of phones on eBay and managed to rake in around $400 dollars! I was really surprised how much money those phones made. I think I’m gonna start selling my own stuff on eBay. After that my mentor and I went to CVS to get gift cards for his coworkers who have to listen to noisy construction everyday, and then we went to Fry’s to get a keyboard (that’s why I thought of that by the way).

I’ve been meeting up with Mikey for lunch everyday and now Reese joined because I found out he is also near us. Lunch next week boys?

Another awkward meeting

So it turns out that my new mentor used to be a teacher. Pretty much every day I will ask him a question and he will take me into his office for an elaborate one on one business lesson. He will draw a bunch of graphs and stuff on his whiteboard and talks for up to an hour sometimes. It’s pretty insightful but I really don’t like it when it’s just me and him in his office for some reason.

Yesterday I got a bunch of old iPhones, iPods, and computers that belonged to people who used to work at the company and was told to put them on eBay. I made a whole bunch of listings and am currently running the auction and messaging people who are trying to buy these phones. This one lady is willing to spend $150 on a broken iPhone 5s.

New Boss

Alright well since my mentor got fired yesterday (which seems to be a pretty big deal because everybody keeps talking about it. I don’t know why she got fired yet but I’ll soon find out and let you all know), I am now working with a new mentor named Brent. He’s pretty cool but lowkey creepy sometimes. He stares at me weird.

Anyways, today I showed up at 11:00 again and asked Brent to have a meeting with me because I wanted to discuss what I’m going to actually be doing in the next couple weeks. He decided that I need to research what the company already does and come up with a way to improve their company, specifically in inventory management. We had a pretty long meeting in which he drew some graphs on a whiteboard and basically gave me an overview of the company’s business model. It was kind of confusing since I didn’t take econ this year but I got the gist of it. Today I have just been researching inventory management, researching the company, and typing up notes and stuff to help me make a presenation for the company.

Oh yeah, my new desk space is my old mentor’s desk, and they even gave me her company laptop to work on. It feels weird but pretty cool because I’m sitting at this desk with a bunch of fancy things on it that I’m never going to touch, like a calculator, two extra monitors, a few keyboards and a phone. I’m the boss now!!!

You’re Fired!

Well, I got fired today… just kidding, but my mentor actually did. It was really awkward. I showed up to the Focusrite office at 11:00am to find everybody in a meeting, so I just sat outside and waited for it to be over. When my mentor walked out she said “slight change of plans, I just got laid off.” I felt bad but I’m glad I got to witness something that happens in the real world all the time.

Anyways, for the past few days I’ve mainly been taking inventory on a room full of keyboards, beatpads, synths, etc. It seemed like busy work while I was doing it but after talking to a man from the office, he explained that it’s very important to know how much of eah product they have in case the building burned down, somebody robbed their stuff, things break, etc. I spent some time entering my data into excel which was kind of boring, but I guess it’s better than being fired.

My new mentor and I have discussed, and my new essential question is “how do companies protect their equiptment?” Based on what I’ve been doing and what I will be doing later on, he thinks this question will be easier to answer because there are so many interesting things a company must do to protect everything they own.