Crutching My Way to Victory, The Final Chapter

As I headed into my last day of working for Chef’d, I did not know what to think. Had I done enough? Was my boss pleased with my work? Will they remember me? So many different nervous questions flew through my head. But, as I settled in, said good morning to everyone, and began to work, my boss came over. He asked if could talk a little bit to see how everything was going and to conclude. And of course, I was a little nervous when he said this because I wasn’t sure how well I had done  the past 2 weeks. However, as soon as I went into his office, and we began to talk, it reminded me of how great the environmental at Chef’d was, and how nice he was as a mentor. It was a very nice final moment with him, because he answered all the unanswered questions that I had, as well as gave me advice for college and for life.

Besides the questions and answers that were thrown back and forth in that meeting, we discussed the project that I had been working on, and what I could do to close it. I can honestly say I’m happy with the work I completed during my time at Chef’d. I did A LOT of research, but most of it could lead to benefiting the company. I  also learned what it would be like to have that type of job, and I don’t really think it’s my thing. Besides learning about the business, and helping out a bit, I also made some good connections that I hope to stay in contact with, because they are some really cool people. Overall, I believe it was a great learning experience, and I believe it’ll help me in the future in many different ways.

Thank you all for your time,

Reese A, signing out.

Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 5

As the internship is coming to an end, everything seems to be going slower for me. I’ve finished my first task for my project, however the remaining things that I need to do should not take long. I’ve been doing more research this week, however this research is more relaxed, and the purpose of it is simply so that I know what COULD be done for Chef’d. On the contrary, the first part of my project was me doing research that helped me create the store within Chef’d, so all that research was for me to learn how to do something.

Although I know this isn’t a good thing, I’m getting a lot more sidetracked than I was earlier in the internship. I find it a lot harder to focus. Possibly because the research I’m now doing isn’t as intense or entertaining, or possibly because my mind knows that the internship will be ending soon, and it is mentally shutting down. Just to clarify, I am still getting my work done… It just takes a little longer.

I ALSO MADE A FRIEND!! One downside though, I have not the slightest clue as to what his name is.. and i feel TERRIBLE. I met him the first day of my internship, we talked for like two minutes, but not until yesterday did we speak again. He’s such a cool dude; He’s traveled around the world, studied what I look to study  in college, and has had so many different and interesting jobs. I have so many questions for him, but I feel weird not knowing his name and just calling him “Man” and “Bro”.

Just two more days left, and I hope to accomplish a few more things by the time this ends:

  1. Figure out my friend’s name
  2. Complete my final project
  3. Stay focused

See you all next time,

Reese A

Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 4

My second week working for Chef’d was much more productive than my first. Now that I’m learning some of the ins and outs of the company, and what I’m doing, everything is going much more smoothly, and I am able to have a relaxing day of work. Well, I call it relaxing because I’m sitting all  day, but when I think of “relaxing”, the first thing that comes to mind surely isn’t me sitting at a  desk all day, doing a bunch of repetitive research, and constantly accidentally kicking out the power plug for the four desks I sit near by. It’s honestly the worst. Because I have a big boot on my left leg, I’m not exactly used to it’s width and length, so when I move my foot from on position to another, whatever is in it’s path is a goner. I guess you could say that I’m lucky that my desk mates are very nice people, because if they weren’t then my internship would be A LOT more stressful.

Besides the dumb things I keep doing, I have definitely settled in. On Thursday, not only did I get a lot of work done, me and my boss also planned things for me to do next week. Even though I still don’t think this is really my thing, I feel a lot better doing this for my senior project now that I have concrete ideas and plans for what I need to do. Another thing that I though was really cool is that I remember more than 5 people’s names now!!

I’m looking forward to next week, because that’s when I’m going to be making actual phone calls with certain companies, to see if they will do business with me!

See you all next time,

Reese A

Crutching My Way To Victory Episode 3

Ahhhh.. The start of a new week! It’s always good to have a fresh start on things if they weren’t going the way you hoped to begin with. I came into work on Monday quite excited to get back at it and actually do something besides research. It also really helped that I started this week off better than the last, it only took me 5 minutes this time to get through the front door!! Back to the whole work talk.. So, as soon as I got to my desk, I settled in, then walked over to my mentor. I asked him a bunch of questions that were holding me back from continuing my research and doing anything else, and me and him cleared everything up. So that really got my momentum going, and next thing I know, I’m done with almost two days of work in under two hours!

The rest of that day went on to be pretty productive, however as the day started to near it’s end, everything started to slow down again, and there wasn’t much for me to do. Although this isn’t the most exciting job, it is a good learning experience because it continues to show me what life can be like as an adult, even though this isn’t exactly the same, I get to “live” amongst  these wild creatures (Adults), and see how they behave and react.

For my project, I’m pretty much done with the first part, creating the student run store, however there are still a few pieces I need to put together. As for the rest of my project, I need to find out what I can do with the leftover food from the store. This is the more difficult part in my opinion, because all of my ideas include making actual phone calls to REAL people. What if I mess up the call… Or say something I should be saying???? So many things run through my head as I think of what’s to come next. I think I’ll do fine but let’s be honest, who wants to buy leftover over food, from a leftover food store….

See you all next time,

Reese A

Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 2

After the first day consisting mostly of pure confusion and anticipation, Tuesday and Wednesday were a little more clear, but still a tad frustrating. I came back in at 9 a.m. both mornings, and by then I had figured out how to get into the building without struggle, so that was a step in the right direction! I then said my good mornings to the employees (At least to the ones who’s names I had remembered), and had a quick chat with my mentor, then headed to my desk.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were almost exactly the same when it came to working, however on Wednesday, I got to experience the very problem that I am tasked to fix. As I crutched to the kitchen at about 1:30, I noticed a vast amount of packages of vegetables, fruits, spices, and other foods in the dining area. At the time, I didn’t realize what all that food was because I was too busy taking a big bag of Macadamia nuts (How could I resist?), but as I hobbled back to my desk, my man Ernest asked me if I had seen all the leftover food that they didn’t end up donating. That certainty caught me by surprised, because that food was basically a group of the outcasts, from the original outcasts.. If that makes any sense..  Just to clarify, my job is to monetize all the food that Chef’d doesn’t end up using due to expiration dates or spoilage, because they currently lose A LOT of money off of that food, which they just end up donating.

So, noticing this first hand, I came to a realization. I had originally came across this idea to create a store in Chef’d where the employees can buy the leftover good for an absolutely killer price, but I never really gave it much thought. Now that I had seen that employees flood the food like it was a shirtless supermodel, I knew that a store would be a great idea. I soon went to talk to my mentor about this, and he completely agreed. After that exciting incident, sadly, I have been back to sitting at my desk all day and doing research. Every now and then something interesting happens, like maybe my computer will get a virus and I have to fix it (Doing this research takes me to some weird websites. Trust me when I tell you not to search things like “How do I feed animals with my junk”), or I get thirsty and adventure to the kitchen some water. Maybe I’ll try to figure out their excruciatingly confusing coffee machine tomorrow.

Anyways, I’ve honestly enjoyed this senior project so far, because it’s giving me a glimpse at what real life could be like. You won’t always like your job, or you might just be bored with it, you never know. It really does help that my “boss: is really friendly, as well as everyone else in the office. If I’ve learned anything else about myself so far, it’s that I do not like water with grapefruit slices in it, and that I cannot sit still for too long, even when I’m incapable of walking.

See you all next time,


Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 1

Well, today was certainly interesting. I arrived at Chef’d at around 8:30 this morning having not the slightest clue as to what I would be doing my first day on the job. I was supposed to be there for 9, but I thought arriving early would impress the boss, you know? Well… the front door had a different idea. It took me nearly 10 minutes alone to get into the building because not only could I not open the door, but when I got in, no one was at the front desk. Although no one was there at the front desk, there was one of those bells to get someone’s attention, but I felt really weird ringing it because the place was so silent. I eventually just decided to waddle into the office area, where some nice lady took me to my mentor.

After much anticipation, I finally learned what I would be doing for the coming weeks. I sat down with my mentor for awhile as he explained to me, how he wanted me to come up with a way to convert spoiled or leftover food, into profit. Now of course when he told me, I was all excited, but as soon as I got to my desk and began research, I realized that I had no idea what I was doing… So after a few hours of considerably useless research and me jotting down a few bs ideas, we met once more to see how everything was going. That second meeting was honestly a recap of what the first meeting was in the morning, but after that I was able to hunker down and get some decent research in and come of with some plausible ideas for my project.

Anyways, that’s how my first day went. It wasn’t too great, but wasn’t too bad. I’d say the highlight of my day was probably when I found 3 granola bars in the kitchen unattended, and since I had forgotten a lunch, they were like presents under the tree Christmas morning. I’m looking forward to figuring more stuff out for the rest of my time at Chef’d, and realizing what I’m good at and what ‘m bad at.

Talk to you all soon,

Reese A