Casual Thursdays

So at the law office, there aren’t casual Fridays. Instead they use Thursday, and its funny to see a lawyer, park their Mercedes, and walk into the office with sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt. One of my favorite parts about the office is the dog that comes in everyday. Since it is a family run business, most of the “family” works at the office, so there is nobody to take care of the dog. His name is Rufus and I think he likes me. My work space is right next to his owner’s office so he will periodically come outside to see me. I wonder if he will even remember me when I’m gone!

Second Week at the Office

The second week, I worked on the second floor of the office with one of the attorneys Clemente who is also the boss’ husband. At the beginning of the week I was organizing binders which are taken to court, so it’s pretty cool knowing the binders I organized are being used by lawyers. I also worked with Clemente on the side of owning the business. One of the bills I heard they pay is $19,000 a year on mailing! And considering they mostly send letters, that is a lot of mail. Then I got to listen to some of the calls the Quirk Law Group receives. They work on the personal injury side of lawyers. I learned one thing, injured people can be real tough with their lawyers.

First Week of Real Work

So I finished up my first week over at the office.

I found out that weekends are much more rewarding when you have a job but aren’t getting paid. When we had school, I would come home and still have a lot of energy to do things, but when I come home from work I feel exhausted. Maybe there is just something about having a real job that gets you out of that, messed up teenager sleep schedule. But who am I to tell, I only work 5 hours a day. I couldn’t even imagine having a 9-5 job.

Towards the end of the week I discovered the room. The room which nobody steps in. When a case is closed, all of the client’s files are placed into a physical folder and stuffed into a box which is then thrown into this.. room. So you could imagine, having thousands of clients every  year, how these.. boxes would start to accumulate. The worst part of these folders is that simply destroying them would cause the client to sue the company. So what I did for 2 or 3 days, was writing letters to the clients, in each folder, in each box. How fun. However, this next week the work space I have been using will be taken back, so I will be doing work with the lawyers themselves, and get to see the other side of things.

Hopefully its not just more dirty work!


First Couple Days at the Office

So I started working this week on Monday, at an Immigration Law Office. The first job I had to do was file folders into cabinets. Easy enough right? When I was done with that in about, half an hour, things got a lot trickier. I began to write “exhibit lists” which aid the lawyers keep an organized thought process. But before I explain what those were like, here is a little about the office:

Essentially what they do is help clients who are not legal citizens to be able to stay in the states, as well as become legal citizens. Every case is basically driven by hardship, and financial instability. Clients have to come up with evidence such as, birth certificates of their family (whom in most cases are legal children), pictures of friends and family, and letters of support from co-workers, friends, pastors, etc. Each case seems to be routine at the office, and while all the regular employees look at everything as paperwork, I was able to see dozens of families fighting for their relative to stay in the states.

That is one of the first things I have been able to see more clearly, where on the office side its just meaningless paper, but to the client this is a matter between a good life and a miserable one. I will follow up tomorrow, as it is Casual Thursday so I wont have to wear a button up, slacks, and uncomfortable shoes. Peace.

Michael Prado