Last Meeting

Today, I went to Culver City. Matt drove me again, which was fun and more exciting than driving by myself. We went to then Wolcott Architecture firm, which was actually really cool. The building was insane. It looks very weird from the outside, but once you enter the building the vibe could not be more cool. Everything is different and modern, even the cubicles. Before the meeting the secretary, who was a very kind woman, handed me a water bottle that looked like a rocket ship. Everything about this place was different. Rich, Matt and I proceeded to the meeting room where we met Sean, who is a building owner, and two ladies who represent Wolcott. One of Sean’s buildings in Santa Barbara is currently occupied by a failing Sacks. At the end of the year, Sacks will ask Sean for a lowered rent, and Sean does not want to do this. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the different possibilities of this building. The building plans (blueprints) were laid out on the table. Throughout this few hour meeting, Rich was vigorously writing on the white board, as well as asking questions and suggesting ideas. I have learned a lot from Rich, not only in meetings but from overhearing and overseeing his work. I have shared a desk with him for three weeks and I feel that I learned as much as I could in this period of time.

I did not have lunch today, I ate right when I got home.


New week, new job. Mikey the intern is rolling with the top dogs to meetings now. Today, I went to Los Angeles for an interesting meeting. I went to the offices of Brooketone in LA in the morning with my boss Rich, who is the Vice-Chairman of CBRE, as well as Matt who is the newly hired creative director of the team. Matt gave me a ride to LA, which ended up being really cool. It was about an hour of a drive, so Matt and I got to know each other pretty well. Matt is a huge Phish-Head, and also rides motorcycles. The reason why he was driving me in his car was because he recently got into two bike accidents on the freeway, so he’s taking a brief hiatus from biking. We talked about music, how his career path took course, and other interesting things. Brookstone has a really cool office building. We went to the executive meeting room and proceeded with a three hour meeting, mainly about stuff I had no idea about. The one thing that I understood well was when they were going through demographic analysis, that was cool. Brookstone was basically looking for a new location in southern California and CBRE was there to aid them in this search. It was cool to be ┬áin this professional environment today. I had lunch with my boss, I had a really good sandwich.

Continuing the Grind

Today I worked on demographic analysis. Demographic analysis is exactly how it sounds, analyzing demographics of different cities. This is important to do so that clients know exactly where the best place to build retail would be. My job in this process was to formulate excel sheets of demographic analysis for every city in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County. I did this through an application in the CBRE website, which was pretty easy. The hard part was extracting only some of the information from these analyses and filling them in on a grid. This included population, daytime population, amount of households, average household income, amount and percentage of people with associates degree or higher and income of 75000 or higher, and others as well.

Today River and I went to Jersey Mikes, always a great call. I got number 7 mikes way light on the onions.

When I got back to the office my boss Rich took me to a meeting which was cool, I took notes.

Computer Grind

Today I really began my Top Golf project. Top Golf is a very high-end driving range. It contains the driving range, of course, as well as many other sources of entertainment such as alcohol, television, food, and interactions with other golfers. Top Golf is CBRE’s new client, so my job for the day was strictly focused on Top Golf. I was given a list of around 5 or 6 counties in California, and was instructed to list every city in each county. Once I had listed the cities by county in separate excel spread sheets, I had to find the economic development director and their contact information for each city. This took much longer than I expected. Some cities would not have information available on city officers, or city websites at all.

For lunch today River and I went to The Rice, where I indulged in a delectable spicy tuna bowl. I went back to the office and resumed my work on finding economic developers. This work was very boring and came with induced neck pain from looking at my computer for five hours.

Continuing at CBRE

When I was initially thinking about a commercial real estate firm, I could only assume that it would be a very timid environment, with bland cubicles filled with old men. Luckily for me, CBRE has an extremely nice office. Everything is state of the art, almost flawless. There are tons of young people working here, and even another intern named Kat, she’s really chill. I met this guy named Connor today, he’s a senior at LMU. His role in my boss’s team is solely to research. When he told me this, I asked him to help me with research for my African American Entrepreneur research project. Working with other young people made me feel me comfortable as an intern.

Today I got lunch with River. We got L n L which was super delicious. When I got back to the office I continued with research on retail and restaurants and ended my day by starting a new project on demographic analysis.

First Day

I walked into the CBRE office in El Segundo on Monday the 15th at 8:30 a.m. on the spot. I proceeded to wait until 9:00, when I was finally accompanied by a nice woman named Paris. She gave me a tour of the building and gave me a computer with a post it note on it that said “Mike”. I knew this was my computer. After receiving the silver Hp Elite Book, I was sent to a conference room where a meeting was taking place. It was a bit intimidating, but I learned that these long and confusing meetings were only once a week on Monday mornings.

After this meeting, I began to speak to some younger employees about college and the business of real estate, which really helped me ease into the work environment in a smoother fashion. I began work immediately after these conversations. Hours and hours of computer work consumed my day, such as pulling information and filling out excel sheets and doing void analysis.

In between all of my computer work I was able to go get a delicious pork sandwich from Bristol Farms at around 12 oclock. It was fantastic because I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. B by chance and having lunch with him. Overall it was a cool first day.