Cheers London!

Cheers! I have had a great experience here in London working and traveling. Yesterday I met this lady from London who is moving to Washington DC in a few weeks, she told me I was crazy for being in crappy weather London and I explained why I was London. She told me I was crazy and that she’d never give up Los Angeles for London. I must admit, I am starting to agree with her because I do miss home and am catching a flight in about 6 hours straight home! I have learned a ton about the business I am interested in and tonight we had a huge barbecue with some of Tom’s colleagues tonight who all happened to be Swedish. Many of them were delighted to hear me speak Swedish in person and I made some connections for when I am looking for jobs! Anyways, I should probably go since I need to get a few hours of sleep before I depart. Cheers and until next time London!

Tyche Consulting

My time is coming to an end. My workload has come down a ton and I am back where I started. The team and I managed to figure out a proper system for points. I wish I could tell you all about the game, but I was asked to not disclose any information due to him switching jobs. I did learn a lot about how most computer teach companies operate and it is starting to make much more sense. Once a game or software is released they have pods or studios with teams of developers. These developers all use agile business techniques. Agile is just another fancy shmancy business word in the technology industry.  Agile takes the most important task and assigns that to the hardest working pod in order to produce the results. Agile and Ad Hoc( Which I spoke about in my previous post) run hand in hand. Ad Hoc Within these “pods” each pod has a sprint. For example, one pod will be making new user interface while another pod may be retouching a bug in a game. I also learned about b-b businesses which is what Tyche is. B-B means business and it is where one business sells a service to another business essentially. Hope is everyone enjoying there senior projects!

Tyche Consulting

These last couple of have days involve arguably the most work I’ll have to do during my stay here in London. We had another conference call to check in and the game seems to running a bit behind schedule. I learned about the big rollers in the facebook casino industry and about the absurd amount of money some of these games pull in. One of the people I met is selling his facebook casino game to some other big company for around 15-20 million dollars. My mentor Tom put in his notice to work so my offices have been moved to my bedroom which is really convenient because I can eat and knock out a reports more efficiently. I have learned about the process of quitting and it is very tough. Tom has gotten a higher position at a company called Scientific gaming. Maybe of his Tyche employees were pretty upset about Tom’s decision, but I can’t complain because I can wake up much later in the day. I also learned about AD Hoc. AD Hoc is code word for getting work on time. Basically the goal is to look at all problems at the beginning of the day and try to get as many of them handled each day. AD Hoc is what were currently doing with the game because we are on a short deadline and this is the best approach at releasing the game on time. Addressing the most important issues is the way this system works and will make the game viable the quickest. (Ad hoc is a word that originally comes from Latin and means “for this” or “for this situation.” In current American English it is used to describe something that has been formed or used for a special and immediate purpose, without previous planning.)

Tyche Consulting

NandosssssNandos! What else can I say? There is this fast food chain here in London called Nandos and I swear it is one of my favorite places to eat at. Apparently they are working on expanding to the states at the moment. They recently opened up a couple of restaurants in Maryland and Virginia! It is a south African chicken chain that serves Pita, salads, wings and wraps! There chicken is cooked in peri peri sauce that originates from Portugal or South Africa. Anyways enough talking about my new favorite fast food! We had a skype conference call on Friday that went really well and I introduced myself to a skype call with around 10-15 people which was pretty cool because each person told me a bit about themselves. I met the boss named Anders Gratte who opened a company up in Sweden that would find the smartest people and get them jobs. It blew up overnight and he decided to sell the company for millions. He is now an investor in London that funds projects such as the casino game that we are working on. The game is called slot station and is starting to look really good. I am still working on the points system for the game, but we plan on launching it on June 5th so I have to be finished by friday according to schedule. I am loving London and honestly I don’t want to go back home yet!

Tyche Consulting Day 2/3

Most of my work for today has been done(still working on a paper as we speak). As many of you know, there are some things you aren’t really allowed to talk about 🙁 . Yesterday was really fun for me because I got to play facebook casino games for most of the day and write up reports! Being a fan of any form of game, I couldn’t really complain about this field of work because this is what I am interested in doing! I mentioned last post that teamwork is really important, but I don’t think I can really put an emphasis on how important teamwork is within a computer software company. Each person has different feedback to offer and this really changes the ideas of what goes into these games. There are many genius marketing/ ways of advertising to keep people coming back to play over and over. At first I found the casino games quite boring, but after having some expectations from the games, I can quickly spot out and offer my own level of feedback based off of what I like/don’t like. Hearing other colleagues opinions’ on the games also sways my opinion one way or another. I have also quite a bit of an obsession with this delicious lipton peach tea at the local market down the street. There is a lot less sugar in it and I managed to clear out the entire shelf at the grocery store the other day! Hopefully they restock tomorrow because I know I am going to want more! All in all I am really enjoying my time working so far and I love running along the Thames river nearby after work. 



Tyche Consulting Ltd

Day 1 was pretty slow. I arrived in London early today so I was pretty jet lagged. Tom Wood picked me up from the airport and we got my computer set up situated. I will be working from home and attending business meetings at the office as well as over skype throughout the course of my three weeks. Tomorrow I am scheduled to be testing out a couple of different casino based games and giving feedback on what needs improvement, etc etc. Tyche has set up a couple of mini projects they want me to work on and I have a co worker that I report my feedback to. I really like the whole team environment involved behind these software companies. Today has definitely been a day to get everything situated and I am excited for tomorrow! I have to be dressed and ready to work by 9 am tomorrow.