Wednesday May 31

Well my time here at Sony is officially wrapping up. I’ve been working on a project analyzing the sales performances of a catalog of titles between two different divisions in Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. First I ran the numbers and averages on certain sales statistics regarding the Third Party titles. Then I ran the numbers of the SPHE titles. I’ve been working with these numbers for about a week now and putting them into graphs and charts in order to compare and see which division is performing better.

Now that I have all the numbers and graphs, I will be putting my findings into a presentation to present to my mentor and his boss. They will then use these findings to present to higher ups in the corporation in order to show which division is outperforming the other. My time here at Sony has been great and I’m sad it’s coming to a close. I will be presenting on Friday and this presentation will help me prepare for my final presentation at school.

Tuesday May 30

Tuesday was different than my normal day in the office. I arrived early in the morning to the Sony lot because the CFO and some other high ups of the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division were doing a town hall type of speech in order to address the current state of the division. There has recently been a waive of layoffs in the division, leading to a low morale around the office. This was needed in order to address the current state of affairs of the division. Most people weren’t too receptive and it seems like it’ll take some time to get back on the good side of the office.

The rest of my day was spent working on a powerpoint presentation that I will be presenting to my mentor and his boss. I ran some numbers looking at the sales performances of different titles and I will be presenting my findings in a powerpoint. I’m definitely nervous for the presentation but I’m also glad that I can use part of it for my final presentation at school.

Tuesday May 23

Today wasn’t as eventful or entertaining as past days. I got to the office in the morning and immediately began to work on a tedious excel project that I’ve been working on. This project consists of searching up low quality movies and adding describing words to the excel sheets about each movie in order to make them easier to find with a search. After a few hours, Kelly from sales offered to take me and Adam my co-worker to lunch. Kelly lives and works in Dallas as the head of sales, however every once in a while she flies out to LA to work in the office.

Lunch was fantastic. We went to a sushi joint down the street where I ordered a crazy roll and some other great fish. Kelly and Adam ended up giving me most of their sushi that they couldn’t finish. I returned to the office and just kept on working on my project until it was time to go home. It was nice to get a lot of work done but hopefully the rest of the week will be more interesting. I also downloaded Microsoft Office onto my Mac for free using my college email. It has been a struggle using Mac’s version of excel all this time but I am finally up to date.

Black Monday

Monday, October 19, 1987 is the day stock markets around the globe crashed. The Monday after every NFL week 17 is the where numerous head coaches will ultimately lose their jobs. Both these events are publicly known as Black Monday.

Unfortunately, I had to experience a Black Monday here at Sony Pictures. Monday, May 22, multiple people would be laid off in the division at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. It was very difficult to see people lose their job. These are people that have been with the corporation for many years. None of the firings were performance based; Sony just had to downsize in certain areas. It was interesting to witness something that is so real in the corporate world, however it was heartbreaking to see people lose their livelihood in a complete blindside. It’s something I hope nobody else has to go through.

Thursday 5/18 At Sony

Thursday was my third day at Sony because Wednesday I had to make up my AP Microeconomics test. I started the day as I usually do. I sat in on back to back meetings with Ricardo and some of his colleagues. These meetings are very important because it is how he checks in on his team and makes sure everything is running smoothly. The meetings can be long and boring but it’s cool to be able to see how a corporation is run.

After those meetings, I got to see a private movie screening of a movie called Maudie. The movie will release in June. Later I got lunch in the cafeteria and the chicken sandwich was nice. I then started working on an excel project while I sat in on yet another meeting. My current project involves me labeling movie genres in an excel spreadsheet. I will keep you all updated as I complete my project.

My Days With Ricardo

My Senior Project is taking place at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. My mentor is Ricardo Solar. Monday was my first day. I met many of the people that Ricardo works with, including my co-mentor Adam. I sat in on various meetings in order to see what it looks like when real world business is being conducted. I also got to hear a speech from the newly appointed CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. I went to lunch at a great Cuban place because it was Adam’s birthday.

On Tuesday I sat in on another meeting. This time they were working out a deal with one of their movie labels. I then got to see a private screening in a theatre of a movie that will be released in the summer. Lastly, I did a field trip to Walmart in Torrance. Tuesday was the release of Resident Evil on DVD and Blu-Ray so we needed to go see how it looks in stores.