Last week at Lippincott (post from Tuesday)

Today I started working with a new group of people at Lippincott. This team is working on naming two new products for Samsung. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share what these two products are since thy aren’t on the market yet. In the morning, I met with the main strategist on the Samsung team and she told me about the products, as well as the naming process. She then gave me a couple of hours to come up with possible names for these two new products. Later in the afternoon, the team went through the list of possible names (over 800) that had been suggested by freelancers and members of the team. The team picked their favorites and narrowed the list down from 800 to about 50. Some of my names made it on to the next round but there is still a lot of time until the team presents the final eight names for each product to the client. I enjoyed working with this new group of people and having a more hands on role.

Friday at Lippincott

At Lippincott, they have something called “Summer Fridays”. The employees can either come to work late or leave work early every Friday from May-September. I wish we had Summer Fridays at Vistamar. Anyways, the office felt really empty on Friday because not everyone was there at the same time.

I got to the office around 9 o’clock and spent the first hour of my day finishing up the PowerPoint I’ve been working on about Bank of America’s competitors. I submitted the PowerPoint to my mentor and she said it looked good, which was a relief. Next, I spent hours searching on Google for articles about how specialized stores are becoming more popular. My mentor gave the examples of The Melt Shop, a store that only sells grilled cheese, and Drybar because it only offers blowouts and doesn’t offer haircuts or hair coloring. She was curious to see if I could find any statistics that explained this trend or supported the idea that these kind of stores were indeed becoming more popular. My mentor told me to search “best of breed consumption”, but most of the articles that came up had to do with different breeds of dogs. I spent a long time looking for articles about specialized stores becoming more popular, but was very unsuccessful. It was kind of frustrating so I took a break for lunch. I found an amazing cafe just a few blocks from my office (definitely the highlight of my day). The last thing I did on Friday was listen in on a conference call that my mentor and about five other Lippincott employees were having with a client. The client was very uncooperative and the call took almost two hours and was very exhausting for everyone involved.

Hope everyone had a great week 2! Attached is a picture of the view from my office.


First Few Days at Lippincott

I started working at Lippincott, a brand strategy and design consultancy, this week. Companies come to Lippincott to get advice on how they can change their brand, in order to become more attractive to customers. The two main things I’ve been doing this week are: listening in on calls between my mentor and her clients and researching small companies that are taking customers away from Bank of America (a company Lippincott is working with). One of the things I like about Lippincott is that they do a lot of group work. Multiple Lippincott employees work together to create presentations and suggestions for a specific client. As I believe I mentioned above, I have been researching a variety of banking services and putting the information I find into a PowerPoint. At first I thought researching Bank of America’s competitors would be boring but it turned out to be pretty cool. I discovered some really interesting banking apps and software programs. One app I learned about is Acorns, which automatically takes the spare change from your everyday purchases and puts this change into a saving account. For example, if you pay $3.50 for a cup of coffee, Acorns rounds your total up to $4 and puts the extra 50 cents away into a savings account. Great app for people who don’t like having spare change!

I’ve gotten a lot of experience with The New York Subway this week because I have to commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan everyday. Today on the Subway, a lady was screaming because she lost her lucky penny, but don’t worry she ended up finding the penny before her stop. I took the wrong train one time, but other than that the commute has been fairly straightforward.

Hope everyone is having a great week 2!

Day 3 and Day 4 at The Children’s Therapy Center

Day 3 and day 4 at The Children’s Therapy Center (last Wednesday and Thursday) were a lot of fun. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working with the development team, whose main job is raising the money that helps The Children’s Therapy Center run and expand. The organization’s biggest fundraiser is coming up on June 4th so there is a lot to do around the office.

On Wednesday, I began by making sure everyone attending the upcoming fundraiser was entered into a database. I had to make sure their names were spelled correctly. This was a tedious job but I didn’t have to make too many corrections which was nice. Around 11 o’clock, I got to meet up with the fifteen women who make up the fundraising committee. These women are all mothers of children who attend The Children’s Therapy Center. It was really interesting getting to talk to people who are so invested in The Center and are passionate about raising money for the organization. The committee works very closely with the development team because the development team wants to get other people involved in the decision making process. Day 4 was a lot of fun because I spent the day photographing items for the silent auction. I photographed everything from designer handbags to crafts made my the students attending The Children’s Therapy Center. Shout out to Mr. Ostroff for teaching me how to use one of those fancy cameras in photography sophomore year. It saved me some time on Thursday at my senior project. The auction items I couldn’t take pictures of, like tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, I got images of online. So far, my senior project has been a success.

First Few Days at The Children’s Therapy Center

Hello from Glen Rock, New Jersey! For the past three days I’ve been working with the development team at The Children’s Therapy Center. The Children’s Therapy Center is a place where children with developmental disabilities go to receive educational and therapeutic services. The ultimate goal of the development team is to raise the money that helps the organization grow and improve. This is the craziest time of year for the development team at The Children’s Therapy Center because the organization’s largest fundraiser, an annual dinner dance, is coming up in just a few short weeks.

On the first day, I helped critique a video that the development team had paid an outside company to produce. The development team was unhappy with the video made about The Children’s Therapy Center, so I then got to sit in on an angry phone call to the video production company. My mentor said it was my introduction to “workplace struggle”. Another task I did the first day was dividing the silent auction items for the dinner dance into subcategories. I was impressed by the number of expensive auction items The Center had received and decided that I would definitely bid on some of the items if I had a few thousand dollars laying around. On the second day, I got to go into the classrooms at The Children’s Center and help the students paint tiles. These tiles are going to be used to build a fire pit that will be auctioned off at the silent auction. My second task was to go through the reservations made by those attending the dinner dance (currently a little over 400) and make sure that they had been assigned a table number for the event and make sure they were sitting with the people they wanted to sit with. I still have not finished this task because everyone has very complicated requests regarding their seating arrangements. The last thing I did on day 2 was attend a dance performance put on by the children at The Center. My job here was to take pictures that the development team can use in a slideshow at the dinner dance.

So far, I’ve really been enjoying my time at The Children’s Therapy Center! Everyone on the development team has been extremely welcoming and helpful. It’s obvious that everyone working at The Center is really passionate about the organization. The keyboard on my laptop isn’t working, but other than that I have no complaints.

Hope everyone is having fun at their senior projects!