amg week 2 part 1

so during the first half of week two, the owner of AMG, Dr. Nielson came in. On tuesday when he was not there, it was pretty quit, because all the clients scheduled to for the next two days when he was in. The vet tech’s and I went around the hospital and cleaned all the computers and windows, and basically made it shine. The next day when he came in, it was really busy. There was way more people coming in then previous days and there were double the teeth cleanings. I learned a lot from him and at first everyone kept saying how scary he was, but in actuality he was really funny and nice. During lunch, one of the vet techs decided to eat 9 enchiladas and 2 tacos to try to break a previous record. The next day was not as packed and we had a really fluffy german shepard mix come in. I helped do his anesthesia report. After he had his teeth cleaned, I had to help lift him back into a cage, and after I put him down, I had so much hair all over me. Later that day, I had to help one of the vet tech with one of the dogs TJ. We took him out, but since his back legs are weak from having seizures we had to help him use the restroom. When he found stability, he walk straight over to the cat food, which was like 300 ft away.

AMG day 4

Sorry this is late, My dog got sick and all my free time was devoted to taking care of her. So on Day Four, it was pretty slow, there were a few dogs, and cats that were scheduled. mainly today, I helped clean cages, and hold a few dogs that needed shots. I also leaned how to draw vaccines, and wrap a leg after a blood draw.

first few days at amg

SO today was my first half of the week at AMG(Animal medical group). For the first day, I shadowed Dr. Robertson. I was introduced to the staff and resident animals. The first thing to greet me when I walked in was a cat named Isis. She was super friendly and as soon as I set my bag down she jumped into it. Like the saying goes, ” if I fits, I sits”. After this, I followed dr. robertson into exam rooms, greeting pet owners and their pets. They have 5 room, 3 used for exams, 1 converted for dental cleaning, and another where they keep the kittens.Yes a room full of kittens. During the first day, I learned how to clean dogs ears, put frontline on correctly and weigh cats. On the second day, the first exam I saw had a very nice owner and her norwegian forest cats. When we left the room to get a light to look in its ears, it some how climbed on top of the door frame. Later, i got to observe a dog getting a benign mass being removed. This took most of the day, as foxtails got stuck in its ears and had ruptured its ear drums. After, we had to move the dog back to the treatment room, where it woke up freaking out in one of the cages. At the end of the day, I got to stay in the kitten room, where the kittens climbed up my leg to sleep on me. the third day, dr robertson was not there, so I followed one of the other doctors.. With him, I got to watch an ultrasound of a pug, to see its 5 puppies. After, I got to watch a cat getting declawed, which is very interesting. They actually go in and remove the entire root of the claw, and then use a laser to cauterize it to stop the bleeding. They then use the same laser, but changed heads and wattage to then heal the wound and promote cell growth. The rest of the afternoon was slow, only a dog that kept having seizures would not stop barking if it wasn’t being played with. So day 3 ended, and I can’t wait for day 4!