Continuing at Intellivision

As indicated by my last post, there is still a ton of stuff I could help Intellivision out with, and I’m somewhat sad that my internship is ending. However, I’ve talked to my mentor about coming by every so often over the summer when I have time, so hopefully that will follow through (hopefully as a payed intern lol).

I’m excited to see people’s presentations today! Good Luck Everyone!

Final Day

My last day as an intern at Intellivision was Saturday. Keith, Karen the Archivist and I went over to the storage unit to begin archiving the mess of stuff in there. When we got to our unit, it looked like someone had tried to break in and had messed up the door to the point where we couldn’t get it open. We waited shortly while the manager came and helped us get it open.

It was soooo stuffed in there! there was absolutely no room to move throughout the whole unit. We barely got through a couple stacks of tubs, but already we’ve found some valuable memorabilia. One really cool “artifact” was a mint condition Tabletop Dungeons and Dragons; the electronic board game based off of the video game based off of the role-playinig game. Sheesh.

Intellivision Flashback

Nothing new/exciting has happened since I last posted, so I thought I’d talk about Intellivision’s new(ish) console, the Intellivision Flashback. It’s modeled after the original from 1979, is half the size, and comes with 60 of their most popular games. The games’ ¬†graphics and mechanics remained the same over these years, making these games hard and frustrating! However, most of them are really fun and hard to put down. I love all the old graphics and video-game noises. My favorite games are “Thunder Castle”, “Thin Ice”, and “SHARK! SHARK!” Maybe I’ll see if I could bring in the Flashback and hook it up for my presentation.

Week 2

It’s the second week of Senior Projects and my mentor isn’t in the office today. It’s a little harder coming up with ways I could help out around here on my own, but at least I can play music while I’m working.

Today, I’ve continued going through the mass of old, dusty Intellivision/Atari/Apple II/etc. game boxes, figuring out which are missing components, and organizing them. I’ve also started on cleaning up the mess of bins and boxes of files, photos, books, and basically anything imaginable in the back of the office. I’ve gradually made my way from the front to the back, cleaning and organizing as I go. There is a TON of cool stuff I bet my mentor didn’t even know he had.

I might try to clear off my mentor’s desk, which is not at all visible under various envelopes, papers, etc. However, I know if someone did that to my (equally messy) desk, I would have no idea where anything would be anymore. So I need to double check with him first. I’m excited to go home and read “Ready Player One,” a very interesting adventure book my mentor recommended me.

Inventory Intern

Week 2 has begun and I’m basically an Intellivision expert. My “Numbers” app is filled with inventory spreadsheets (people don’t use Google docs here…I don’t like it) of almost everything in the office, from the archive of all (most) of Intellivision’s games, their consoles, and other products. Today, I went through each individual game in the archive and saw which were missing overlays, manuals, and even the cartridges themselves in some instances. I really enjoyed this task because I found the artwork on the boxes very fascinating, and I flipped through some of the manuals for some gaming tips given the time.

I’ve also spent quite a good amount of my time inventorying Intellivision’s stock of shirts. Man, this reminds me of working in retail, and how much I hate/am not good at folding clothes. I was satisfied,¬†however, with the fact that I had consolidated the mess of shirts lying around the back of the office into 4 boxes. If only I could get my T-shirt drawer to look like that.

I haven’t really been able to begin to answer my original question I had for the project; I seem to be more of an office intern than an archivist at this point, yet I am perfectly content with my position, as I feel I’m getting practical experience in an office-like setting.

Blast from the Past

Boy, would my project be nostalgic for someone growing up in the eighties. So far, I’ve been over at the Intellivision headquarters, filing, organizing, and grabbing lunch for the boss – typical intern stuff. My first day I cleaned out my mentors old mustang full of video game stuff from a recent convention, and yesterday I reorganized and set up a bunch of old consoles in the office, including an Atari 2600, a Coleco Vision, and an Intellivision of course. I’m excited to test the games in there to see if they are working, and my mentor was kind enough to let me bring home a “flashback” unit that has 60 games built in!

My next big project is going to be inventorying the storage unit. I’ve begun to set up a spreadsheet with the company Archivist with the stuff around the office and what we know is in the unit, yet a big obstacle currently in my way is that we don’t know where the unit’s key is. No big deal, there is plenty to get done around the office.