So today I finished my project that was assigned to me yesterday and it was fun. I messed around with the floor plan to insert the cool two story house full design. My boss was happy with it and called me the designer of the office for the Day! It was pretty cool feeling like one of them. I did my own design and hopefully I can see it come to life in the future for the house located in the Hollywood Hills. He also bought me a great steak sandwich that was really good. I have had fun these past three weeks.

After working for 3 weeks, I have learned lots of techniques to improve on my drawings in Revit. On Wednesday my boss gave me a project to sketch out the house with the existing interior dimensions. So after 4 hours, I got it to look nice and clean. Then he threw a curveball at me and told me that I am going to be the designer of this house as they would like to reconstruct the interior walls and placement of rooms. I feel the stress but I am currently working on sketching out the new floor plans as I need to find a great place to add stairs because they used to run on the outside of the 2 unit house. Converting this into a full two story house will be my final project and I will keep you updated tomorrow! I might even go back into the office after I am done with my internship!

9 to 5

Lately I have been finding myself at the office for 8 hours!! I feel like I found my job in drafting. I would say I am not that bad at drafting out the blueprints of a house, even though I am kind of slow right now. Although I think it is slowly getting better, after picking up more techniques as I work on it.

I started yet another project and it went a lot better than my first one. It turns out that the Revit software that I am using is also being used by another Vistamar student, Jacob Atain. We bonded over the software as it turns out that many people use to design various things. It is always good seeing friends doing great things in the same field.

Drafting my First Project!

Today was a good day at work! After learning CAD and Revit during my first week, my mentor gave me a small project to work on. He allowed me to do the As-Builts (drafting) of a house in Carson. Looking at the sketch of the house was the first step. It held all the measurements of each wall, window, and door. I used the Revit software to insert the details into the drawing that matched the sketch. The best part of seeing the full drawing coming together was the final product because I was able to show a 3D model with it. It was exciting to see that my first project finalized. I’ll keep you updated on the other projects that I will do during the upcoming weeks.

Drafting Days

Monday was my first day at work, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I entered the office. I take a quick look around and the first thing I noticed was a plethora of As-built drawings (kind of like blueprints). I was amazed at the different designs that varied from small houses to large buildings. My mentor gave me a quick tour around their office and gave me my own desk which felt really good. I felt part of the company as I worked from nine to five. I began to learn Computer aided-design (CAD) and Revit software which is used to create the models. It was fun learning how to use the softwares. Now I’ll have to see what small projects I’ll take on for the incoming weeks and will keep you posted!