A Typical Day at the West Classroom at PTN

The children start getting dropped off at 8:30 AM, and we feed them breakfast. By 9, everyone is there. After everyone is done with breakfast, at about 9, the kids have free time and the teachers take them to the bathroom and change their diapers until 10:20, where the kids have circle time. After circle time, both of the 2 year old classes go out to the play ground outside. At about 11:30, they are all cleaned up sitting down and eating lunch. And finally, after lunch they take a nap until 2, when their parents pick them up.

Early Head Start

This week was very different than the first two, and not what I had expected. I was not really sure what I would be doing, but I thought I was probably going to be working with kids with special needs. When I got there I was actually assigned to work in a classroom with 2 year olds. There were 8 children in the class, but we one of the kids was sick all week, there was one teacher, one assistant teacher, and the pet Hampster, Pip. I was the only volunteer that week in the Early Head Start Program.

Last Week

Thursday was my last day, so I got to go shopping with Cynthia, the lead costume designer on the show, and Serena, who is her assistant. We went to Nordstrom, Alexander McQueen, Herve Leger, and Satine. It was really interesting to see how the sales people from each place treated Cynthia differently. At Nordstrom, they ignored her because they knew they wouldn’t make commission off her sale because she was doing a studio pull, but at Alexander McQueen the lady helping us was so sweet and so helpful. Cynthia even brought her dog into all the stores and he just followed her around. I was sad that it was my last day because I had so much fun at my internship. I even enjoyed organizing and logging every article of clothing. I wish I could have done another week, but I am excited for next week volunteering at PTN and I’m happy to not have to do the 1.5 hour each way commute.


So, this week I started off by logging all of the clothing items by character. We would list a title, designer, price, quantity, where it was made, and what it was made from. We had to do this because all of the clothes are going on a truck that will be driven to Canada, where the show is filmed. We actually had to lie about the prices because they have to pay duty on everything that is imported, even if they bought it in America and it is coming back to America. So, we ended up marking a lot of things down by like 80%. After logging all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories, we packed EVERYTHING into 3 large crates and onto the truck they went. It took us about 40 hours to log everything and pack everything.

Day 2

On my second day I made some more returns and then began to organize and log all of the jewelry used for the show into a book by character, amount of each item, price, designer, and picture. I needed to do this because as the show airs, magazines call Cynthia and ask her what each character was wearing on the show, and she often forgets. Also I learned that because they film the show in Canada, all of the costume gets driven on a truck, and they have to pay duty on all of the clothing, accessories, and shoes that are on the truck. I ended up staying even later that day because I needed to help Serena make sure that every item of clothing that we needed to exchange sizes for, get in a different color, or just order another, had been done that day. They buy a lot of duplicates for jewelry because the small items get lost so often.

Day 1

Because my internship is in Burbank, I decided to leave an hour and a half early. I had no clue what to wear or where the internship was so I just set my navigation and left. I ended up getting there about 15 minutes early, which was great because I ended up at the wrong building. Once I finally got there I met my mentors Serena and Cynthia and immediately started packing up wardrobe that needed to be returned. For the rest of the day Serena and I returned wardrobe, that would not be used, to Barneys, Intermix, and other stores. I learned that for television shows there are only certain things people who are not in the union can do. For example, they can return clothing items but they can’t buy anything under the television company’s name, or do any studio pulls. It took us about six hours to make all of the purchases and we didn’t even finish all of the returns.