Finishing up my project

Today I finished up the analytical project that my mentor had me working on. The question that my mentor posed to me was: What is the impact of Genre and Domestic Box Office on titles? I analyzed 89 of Sony’s key titles ranging from 2012 -2015. In order to analyze this large amount of data, I had to get some technical training. I learned some new excel formulas and tools and compiled data from several different spreadsheets. I then organized and consolidated this data into a much smaller spreadsheet to see the results.

Screen shot 2016-06-01 at 1.28.28 PM

I attached my final table, which shows the 5 genres, the total Domestic Box Office for each genre and the percentage Gross Revenue and Gross Profit. We can see that the Gross Revenue percentage of Action and Family movies are the highest and Horror is the lowest. This tells us that these two genres generate the most revenue. Based on the DBO and Genre of previous movies, we can project that in the future, Action and Family will do the best. This project was interesting because I didn’t learn more from the result, I learned more from the technical stuff that I had to do to get there.



Right now I am working on an analysis that compares genre and box office and their impact on titles. I am also preparing a presentation for the team that I am going to make on my last day. My project is mostly analyzing excel spreadsheets. To do this I had to learn several different excel formulas. I didn’t know this before I started, but most jobs in the business world require extensive knowledge of excel. Almost everyone that I have talked to has recommended taking an excel class in college.

Some of the formulas I have learned are Iferror, vlookup, and Index/Matching. The IfError formula tells excel that if the formula comes up with a certain number, then show this number instead, so it is easier to see errors. VLookup is like looking someone’s name up in a telephone book. It takes a value and finds the corresponding value in a different column. Index Match is a simpler VLookup. It consolidates the formula and requires less processing power.

One important thing that I took out of this is to learn excel. It is used in so many professions and could put you ahead of other prospects for a job if you are proficient in it.


I’ve been learning so much the last two weeks. One thing that my mentor has me doing is sitting in on a lot of meetings. Most of these just leave me confused as to what’s going on, but it’s still really interesting to get insight into how the industry and the business world works.

So much more goes into releasing a movie on DVD than you would think. Individual shelf spaces in the store are highly sought after and auctioned off to the production companies. Even the displays that movies sit in are important. Those cardboard movie displays at stores? They’re called corrugates. You might not have noticed them but they’re highly important in the industry. I accompanied the team to Walmart just to check on a newly released movie and to make sure the corrugates were set up correctly. The attention and detail that the team put into their work is pretty amazing.

$6.6 mil? psh

I’ve been working in the Sales Planning department of Sony. Sales Planning is pretty much projecting how much a movie is going to sell (in millions). They base these projections off of previous movies if it is a sequel, related movies in the genre, or trends in the market. Sales Planning can be divided into two sections. Physical and digital. Physical would be the DVDs sold in Best Buy or Walmart. Digital refers to movies streamed or downloaded online on Amazon.

It’s interesting the scale of which the team in Sales Planning works. The other day, Andrea, who works with the Redbox accounts showed me an email from Redbox with a check for 6.6 million dollars. I thought it was pretty amazing how they work in real time with these companies, decide which movies are put onto the shelves and make mulit-million dollar deals.

Sony Team

In my senior project I am working in the Sales Planning department at Sony. One thing that stands out about Sony in general, is how friendly everyone is there. No matter the department or ranking of the employee, everyone is incredibly friendly to one another. Everywhere from the workrooms to the elevators there is a lighthearted and good-natured atmosphere. My mentor and his teams hospitality stands out to me. They take considerable amounts of time out of their schedules to accommodate for me. Many of them have taken me out to lunch, talked to me about their jobs, and answered my many questions. I am very grateful for getting the chance to work with such kind and helpful people and am very optimistic about the rest of my project.