And Ms. Denise is Out!! :(

Man, I’m really going to miss those kids. I don’t think they understood the concept that I wasn’t going to be coming back next week because I have to graduate from school just like them.

Even though today was a sad day since I won’t be seeing my preschoolers again I decided to make it fun; I brought in donuts for snack time and watched Shrek with the kids. It was much of a relaxed day seeing as, there weren’t any activities planned besides the movie. Well, I did take the little ones outside to go play but that was just because they were hyper from all those donuts.

Oh, let me give you an update on three kids that first come to mind since you might want to know. So, Branden has turned his attitude around and was being the well behaved child I knew he could be. Xavier, he calls me “mommy,” always lays on my lap, and doesn’t like for other kids to sit on me, he gets jealous. Cristina, LOVES to dance! She was doing everything from the dougie to getting off. I was looking at her like was she alive when the dougie came out? LOL. Kids! I love them all dearly, they tickled me so much.

Looking back over my three week adventure, I couldn’t say it was a time when I was bored or wished for my time to be over. Every second with the kids was exciting and memorable. I will remember every arts and crafts I planned, every beautiful smile I saw, and the amazing singing and dance moves I witnessed. I couldn’t have been this happy anywhere else. Thank you CandyLane Preschool and the L.A. Family Resource Center for this great experience! 🙂

Big Time Punishment!!

The kids couldn’t be more terrible on the very day that I felt really sick. I mean they were running around, screaming, and just being disobedient all over.

When I got into the school today I wasn’t feeling too well because as you know I am still sick. I told the kids to take it easy and I will reward them at the end of the week, but after seeing how the kids acted today they aren’t getting NOTHING from me. Once I arrived it was nap time so I had to get everything situated for the fun activities the kids would be doing for the day. I planned a Spanish tutorial for the kids to watch, but that didn’t happen for the reason that they wanted to be rugrats. Therefore, the kids will have that tutorial another day with me. By the time snack time came around everyone was all hyper for no apparent reason. Many of the kids wanted to hug me but I told them not to so I wouldn’t get them sick. Anyways, for snack the children had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with apple slices on the side and milk as their beverage. Fast Forward, while Ms. Mari was cleaning the tables and the floor from snack time I was gathering all the kids for me to teach them the alphabets in sign language. When I tell you I was only teaching about five kids because everyone else was talking to one another, running around, or just doing whatever little kids do. They actually were supposed to be paying attention to me and I was tired of raising my voice at them so everyone got in trouble. All the kids were forced to sit at the tables with their heads faced down. This was good for me because I got to relax and not raise my voice but of course little kids can never stay quiet, so Ms. Mari, Ms. Chanta, and I were constantly raising our voices at them or moving them around the classroom so they wouldn’t talk to one another.

At the end of the day, numerous kids went home sad because we told their parents that they weren’t being good students. Honestly, I didn’t feel bad at all telling on the kids since they should have been listening anyways. Parents send their kids to school to learn not to socialize!!

The time I have been spending at my Senior Project locations my experiences with the kids have definitely exceeded my expectations because I do so much with the kids educationally that most preschoolers or first graders don’t even know yet. The culture of CandyLane Preschool made me feel at home for the reason that the way that they teach was kind of similar to the way my mother taught me things. Being at CandyLane I’ve learned that they believe in the child doing everything for themselves and learning from their mistakes. The kids throw away their own trash, push and pull out their own chairs, and sometimes clean up after themselves. The only thing that surprised me about the culture was they believe in standing up for yourself, so if Child A hits Child B then Child B have the right to hit Child A as hard as Child A hit Child B. Makes sense?

Teddy Bear Day!

Today was a good day! I had the chance to do the Hokey Pokey with the kids, but the twist to it was it consisted of doing it with Fruit and Vegetables. Shocker right? Attached is the link to the Hokey Pokey video:

Not as many children showed up to class today so I was working with a much smaller group of kids. By the time my last little straggler walked in I was just getting started. So, I began our day with a few children’s books because there is no way to learn better than through the knowledge of a book. Their favorite story is Green Eggs and Ham. Following reading time, I wanted to get the kids energy up a little, so we did the Hokey Pokey Fruit and Vegetable style, sang our ABC’s x3, and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. They even had me tired of singing after all of that but I was still ready for more! Afterwards, I gave the kids a little break to go play with some toys or go to the men’s or ladies room if they needed to use it. During this time, a little boy named Hue stopped me by tapping my leg and insisted on asking me why I kept blowing my noses with the white stuff (tissue). I told him I was under the weather and not feeling too well. Hue was so kind and said exactly this,”I I hope you feel better Ms. Jackson.” He even tried to give me a hug but I told him I didn’t want to get him sick. Oh, at this location the kids call me Ms. Jackson but at my other location the kids have to call me Ms. Denise.

Following our break, it was time for the kids to make their own Teddy Bear with sunglasses in order for them to use them in the puppet show I will be organizing. It took a while for the kids to actually make the teddy bears because I wasn’t able to assist them all at once how they would have liked. Some of the children got so frustrated that they began to cry for the reason that they couldn’t figure it out and I wasn’t paying enough attention to them in their eyes :(. I made it up to the kids by doing an amazing puppet show! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the puppet show recorded because I was too busy hosting the puppet show. The kids were so sleepy after the puppet show that they all went down (to sleep). It was a long day but I made it through sick and all!
I can honestly say that I love working with little kids! I have a passion to work with younger children because they’re always curious to learn something new about themselves or a new toy. It’s like they’re charged on energy that never runs low :). I chose to work at a preschool whose values were to focus in on reading and make a difference within the children’s lives. As well as, to empower them with a fundamental education that may benefit them down the line. For these reasons, I hope to accomplish my goals of helping the kids achieve their full potential, whether that’s through potty training or learning how to write their first and last name. Most of all, I work with kids because I admire their resilience and creativity which inspires me to be a better individual.

Let’s Make Telephone Blocks

Everyday is something new and exciting! Today, I built my own phone out of kiddy blocks. Unfortunately, baby Kassidy stole and claimed it as her’s.

Again, I worked an early shift because in the afternoon the kids be buck wild lol just kidding. I wanted to get a deeper and clearer understanding of the kids morning schedule since I typically work noon till closing. Once I arrived the preschoolers were watching Dumbo, but only a few of them were actually paying attention because the others were climbing over me and playing with my jewelry. I never knew little kids could be so captivated me jewelry and have such short attention spans. I mean I was having a conversation with Cristina (she’s only 4 years old by the way) about my jewelry and she literally asked me the same question about my jewelry 5 minutes later. Also, my other good preschooler friend, Xavier, he gets really jealous when the others kids hug or even sit on my lap, so he always wants me to pick him up but if I don’t he will climb on my lap to squeeze between my legs. He’s even tried going to sleep on my chest but I wouldn’t let him for the reason that I didn’t want to show favoritism amongst the kids.

To get back to the point, the kids were watching Dumbo while the late stragglers loomed through the room trying to find their seat. Of course, the preschoolers had to do morning devotion before anything. Pretty much, morning devotion is when all the kids praise God by singing church songs, reciting prayers, and dance in a holy manner. I find this to be a very effective way of teaching young children about religion because it will shape them for the individual they will grow into be. Candy Lane Preschool is a Christian Daycare owned by a Black woman. I love it!! 🙂

Continuing, it was time for class so the preschoolers broke up by age group to go learn their different lessons for the day. I was with the baby babies because they’re the ones who’re in the beginning stages just learning about numbers, alphabets, colors, and shapes. Surprisingly, I was shocked by how much they knew already, even though everything they said wasn’t entirely clear since it was still kind of baby language. You see why I wish I was as smart as them when I was their age? They’re genius babies!

Following an hour or so of class time, I played blocks with the babies seeing that they were really tired after class and needed some energy. I was making myself a phone when baby Kassidy stole my phone and claimed it as hers. Once all the other babies saw she had a block phone the rest of them wanted one. That’s also something I noticed amongst the kids, when one person say they have to go to the bathroom or hope to play with a specific toy the next person say they do too when I know they’re lying and only saying such thing because their friend is doing it.

Overall, I love my project. I’m learning a handful of useful information about preschoolers through 1st graders. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up adopting kids when I was older. It’s the excitement and curiosity that the kids have for learning that pushes me to keep going. I don’t usually have much trouble with the preschoolers seeing as they look to be for advice and I can’t say,”I don’t know” to them when they see me as a teacher figure. I have to be strong and wise! Everyday I learn something new about myself thanks to the beautiful children I work with on a daily.

Dance. Love. Sing. Live.

Today was just an amazing day! The kids and I were singing and dancing around the classroom all day. By the way, it was to the kids version of Uptown Funk. You should definitely listen!!

I worked an early shift today since I have to attend my Posse meeting later this afternoon. Anyways, once I got in the kids were eating pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Man, little kids eat good now-a-days. After breakfast it was time for devotion, alphabets and numbers, then the spelling bee. Those preschoolers are brilliant! I wish I could have been as smart as them when I was their age. The words they had to spell were as follows: Cat, Mat, Sat, Bat, Hat, Rat. The winner received two dollars from me. Backtracking, devotion is time for the preschoolers to show religious praise to God. I was in the moment with them so I wasn’t able to photograph them. Afterwards, the children have a set time for Alphabets and numbers, which is where they sing and recite their alphabets and recite numbers 1-20. Amazing right?

Working at my project I have learned that the preschoolers have short attention spans, so anything that I want to teach to them has to be taught in a reasonable amount of time. They only love the fun and interactive activities therefore, in order for them to pay attention during the tedious activities there must be some type of reward. I’m trying to teach the kids that everything in life isn’t always receive a reward at the end for doing things they don’t want to do. I know they’re only preschoolers however, it’s better to learn early than never.
Today, I had the amazing opportunity to have a dancing coaching session with the kids. A few of the kids will be graduating from preschool to head over to bigger and better things in their little life, so as part of their graduation they will have a dance show for the parents and staff. I didn’t know the dance before today that being the case, I had to catch up pretty face in order to have the children ready in time. The preschoolers were having a ball! 🙂 They were seriously dancing as though no one was watching. Some of the kids were shy, but I informed them that It’s all about confidence. I learn from the kids just as much as they learn from me. I love them!! <3

Holding the Little People Accountable

The punishment I give to the children when they’re being disobedient. They have to stand up straight and put their hands in the air.

The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving of ways.

Honestly, I am facing some obstacles in working on my project, such as parents excusing their children’s bad behavior. Also, knowing my limit with the child because if I don’t know then the child will believe it’s acceptable to run over me. For example, I have this child at the daycare named Branden who is always getting into trouble due to his inattentiveness. Today was literally the worst I have seen him. While educational show-time was happening he was lying and abusing the other kids, disrespecting the staff and myself by consecutively running around, and throwing things around the classroom. I couldn’t take it anymore therefore, I punished Branden by having him on timeout till his parents came and picked him up. He couldn’t go outside and play, do arts and crafts, or play musical chairs. That being the case, by the time his parents came to pick his bad self up I couldn’t hold back everything he had done throughout the day. I was so infuriated after addressing his parents for the reason that they believe he was acting out because he wasn’t getting enough attention from the staff. I had to politely inform them that I can’t 100% focus on their child all the time when I have 20+ kids on duty. While the parents were saying all this junk, I was just thinking that his poor behavior starts somewhere and it’s not us, so obviously it’s starting at home. Parents need to learn how to be positive role models for their children. Kids won’t just be kids but a terrible parenting style results in the child growing up to be an ass.

When I go into work tomorrow and then on I will overcome these obstacles by either seeking assistance from one of my staff members or just take away all the fun activities I had planned for the children that day. Everyday is unpredictable working with kids so I never know how they even behave with one another. Branden is one of the few of my trouble children who NEVER listens. If corporal punishment still existed in California I believe that the staff I work with would punish Branden by striking him across his butt or his hands with a leather strap or wooden stick. Good thing it doesn’t or his ass would be grass!
Well, besides the punishing I had to do today because of the constant disobedience, it was a chill day. I enjoy working with kids seeing that everyday could be a challenge however, that is what make the job rewarding because I’m constantly learning and building relationships with them.

Birthday Party with Preschoolers


Man, little kids have so much energy after eating cupcakes. I know to never again give 25 preschoolers cupcakes because they bounce off the walls, literally!
So, today was one of my little preschoolers birthday and I assisted the children and adults with the set up, break down, and middle process. I walked in around 8 this morning to begin the setup process so all the little kids could have a great time, especially in the jumper. I tried to get the children to have a face painter unfortunately the guy got lost and decided not to show up. The theme of the party was ‘CARS’ the race car movie, so all the little boys was in love with the decorations. I didn’t leave till 3 p.m. because it was so much stuff that needed to be done. Plus, I was putting to sleep one baby on my chest while I was moving around. My day was me moving on my feet. Also, I had to change many stinky diapers today, wipe noses with tons of buggers. Good thing I didn’t get anything on my hands! 🙂

As previously stated, I cleaned up after the party because the kids had a mess everywhere. They had juice spilled on the ground, toys over the backyard, and sleeping babies inside the preschool. My mind was just going everywhere. When I was leaving all my little preschoolers gave me a hug, but one boy Chase was on time out since he pushed another boy to the ground. I had to give a Denise pep-talk because hitting other people is not acceptable. All in all, I learned that in my working style with little people they latch on to me when I have snacks or not getting them in trouble, but they fail to realize that I’m looking out for the best interest of them. I have to sometimes be hard on them for the reason that if I’m consecutively generous to them they won’t ever take me serious or always run over me.

Happy birthday Jaiden! (the boy at my preschool, well I think that’s his name)
One week down two more to go!! 2!!

Day 4: My little preschoolers got me sick!

OMG! I have been working with my preschoolers for 4 days and I’m already sick! On the bright side, I’m potty training one of my preschoolers :).

When I arrived today none of the children wanted to take their nap, so many of them were standing up with their hands in the air the entire time. I know this might sound cruel or a bit confusing so let me explain. The children have a scheduled nap time everyday where they all lay in their beds. They don’t necessarily have to go to sleep but they have to lay down and be quiet. There were two children specifically who were bouncing off the walls the entire time so I made them stand up and they didn’t get to take their nap. Being all sweet to the children doesn’t work all the time when they need to follow instructions.

After all that, all my little preschoolers woke up just in time for their snack, but before they eat their snack I have to put their beds away and fold their blankets. While they were eating, my little friend named Xavier was pooping on himself in his diaper and was stinking up the room. One of the teachers (I can’t remember what her name is) took him to sit on the potty and man that little boy poop smelled like a grown man’s poop! He was called Mr. Stinky for the rest of the day.

To get back to the point, one of the other teachers (Ms. Dana) played a few videos of “Pete the Cat”  and let me tell y’all those kids loved it. They were dancing and singing to all the songs. After today, I’m going to know every lyric to “I love my white shoes” by Pete the Cat. If you want to learn your colors and see a cat dancing then go check it out!

As the day started to wind down the kids started to lose their marbles and thought it was acceptable to run around inside, so all the children had to stand in a straight line with their hands in the air for five minutes. I know they will never run around in the building again like it’s a playground. What shocked me the most today was as I was eating my Snickers and the children were doing their arts and crafts for the day my friend Xavier saw me and ran over so fast to try and get a bite. Mind you Xavier is only 3 years old, he rested his head on my lap, tried to hold my hand, and even gave me hugs to just eat my Snickers. I told him if he be a good boy then I’ll have a treat for him next time. Overall, I love working with my little preschoolers because everyday is unpredictable. Today, I learned the more you show affection to preschoolers the higher chance you have of getting sick.

Am I really ready to work with runny nose kids?

Today was my first day working at Candy Lane Preschool! I can honestly say it was pleasure working with the children because they had so much energy for all the activities.

I arrived an hour before my shift started for the reason that I commute to Candy Land by taking two buses and doing a short walk. Anyways, once I arrived mostly all 28 children were napping on their beds with the blankets because they get an hour and a half for sleep time. I was walked through the place and shown where the children do their arts and crafts, play on the playground, have story time, etc. By the time the children woke up I was more than excited to play with them, but was I really ready for every single question they had for me? They were so curious of who I was so they warmed up to me fairly quick.

I am known to the children as Ms. Denise. After a brief introduction about myself, I assisted the staff with serving snacks and cleanup. The kids were a bit rowdy therefore, the girls were allowed to color in their coloring books whereas, the boys were playing with trucks until they were placed in the corner for bad behavior. I was with the girls coloring and having some girl time getting to know one another. Around 4, I did a little story time with the kids. They were jumping all over me! I loved that they were excited, but they wouldn’t let me breathe. I even had to clean a few runny noses so their snot and boogers get on me. After that, some of the children parent’s began to pick them up, so once it was only a few kids left for me to watch I put on a counting film that teaches the children how to count in an enjoyable and interactive way. Once all the children were gone I cleaned up the tables, pushed in the chairs, and said goodbye to my co-workers who were also leaving. The end of day one! 

My goal everyday is to go in the workplace with a positive mindset and attitude, learn something new about the children or the corporation, and enjoy the little people’s company.