SBH Marketing – Blog Post 6

June 2nd, 2017

Where has the time flown? Hard to believe that it is already the final day of my senior project. This experience has been a very positive, influential experience to say the least, and has taught me a lot about my potential future in the marketing field.

Yesterday was a successful day! I started by continuing to gather more images and researching for specific vendors and manufacturers of products I was looking at. It was very difficult to find the actual manufacturers of the products online, and I didn’t have as much success I would have liked while looking into that area. However, I just took the information I could find and gathered it all together. I’ve learned the difficulties of navigating through the internet and picking out the information that is important throughout the last 3 weeks, and I feel that by now, I am pretty good at finding the information that is most important when it comes to what I am looking for.

Another important aspect of yesterday was when my mentor showed me some more designs the company was creating. There are some big plans for the future, and it was great to be able to get a glimpse of what some of those ideas are. I’m excited that I was able to look and see into the whole process of the company throughout my time here; The research that goes into a project, the designing, the production, etc. It is all important in making the project as successful as it possibly can be.

The project also helped to teach me a lot about what I want to be doing when I am older. As college is approaching, I have acquired valuable skills that will help me in my voyage through my college curriculum, such as practice with research and communication. My mentors Sean and Dave have taught me a lot throughout the process, and they have helped me gain a more independent standpoint on what I am interested in pursuing on my own later on when working professionally. Overall, my senior project was an exemplary time for growth, personal exploration, and following a passion that I will be continuing to explore more into when I head off into the vastness of adulthood.

Thanks for Reading!                                                                                                           Davis Hechmer

SBH Marketing – Blog Post 5

May 30th, 2017

It’s the final days of my time at SBH Marketing, and I have learned so much throughout my time here. One of the most important goals of mine upon beginning my senior project was to make sure I explored the several different niches the marketing industry had to offer. I have been able to do just that, as I have gained some insight into both the research and informational aspect of the company, as well as the more creative side. I began yesterday gathering several images of successful ski products gaining a sense of what merchandise helps to represent a ski resort or ski city. Seeing the creativity that comes into the products was incredibly intriguing, further helping me develop my personal interests into the creative side of the marketing industry.

I also helped my mentor Dave prepare for the work he is completing this week, by gathering information about owners and those who license different trademarks and locations of the ski industry. Doing this was extremely important as well, and showed me the business and informational side that comes in the process of creation. Overall, I’m glad I have been able to touch on both experiences this week so far.

I have also been able to gain some insight into some of the products created by SBH Marketing as well. It is astounding to see some of the final creations, and I am glad that throughout the process of my senior project, I have been able to explore a variety of areas that helps in projects carried out by the company.

I have a couple more days left at SBH Marketing, and although sad my time is almost over, I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons I have learned throughout the last three weeks.

BuhByeForNow!                                                                                                                 Davis Hechmer

SBH Marketing – Blog Post 4

May 25th, 2017

I started off the day a little off-guided, but it was a simple mishap. At the end of Wednesday, my mentor Dave told me to spend a few minutes researching and learning about one area of licensing, but I ended up misinterpreting what he said, and started to research something similar, but not quite what he was looking for. In the morning when I showed him my results, he told me what he actually wanted to see, and I quickly went back to the computer and began to explore more into what he was trying to help me understand. Nothing majorly wrong with the incident, I did end up finding some good information anyways with the research I did do, so that’s an accomplishment in itself!

It is hard to believe that week 2 is almost over. It feels like time is flying by with the senior project. I have learned a few very important lessons while I have been here; When you are researching, you can often tend to get stuck and not know how to utilize the information you have found. Also, putting your findings together can be a strenuous task, especially when you have pages upon pages of information. However, that has helped me improve upon my organizational skills, because I can access the information I need rather simply as a result of creating a template, which has proven helpful. Also, I am glad I have expressed my interest with what the company is creating, because the projects SBH Marketing is working aligns with the kind of work I may be interested in later down the road. My senior project experience, so far, has taught me a lot, and I am excited to continue to help the project grow and to help learn more within this final week of our senior projects!

¡Hasta La Vista!
Davis Hechmer

SBH Marketing – Blog Post 3

May 23rd, 2017

My second week at SBH Marketing has been a success so far. Monday consisted of me completing more research for the template, which took a long time to complete. One of the more frustrating aspects has been researching all this information, but not being sure how you’re going to utilize your findings. I approached the research portion with excitement, and as I continued to find more and more information, that excitement also became combined with frustration. I was happy to be finding helpful information for the project, but lots of the information that I wanted to find either had no leads, or was not on the internet at all. While I did gather lots of significant data to help drive the project forward, there were times where I felt stumped with my findings. However, I worked my best to find as much as I could, and in the end, it was successful.

Today, I met with Dave, one of my mentors, to discuss the template. We realized that lots of what I found would not be beneficial to the project, but there were significant parts that would be. We picked out the best parts that would help the company. I’ve learned a lot through the research process; It could be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or if what you are looking for is nowhere to be seen online. However, I’ve definitely gotten a lot better at researching for the most beneficial bits of information, and that will help me in college when I need to research for projects.

Dave also taught me about licensing and trademarks, which I found super interesting. He told me how we have the license to use the “I💗NY” wording on some of the products SBH Marketing produces for outlets around New York. There is a lot of creativity in what the company creates, and it was super interesting to learn about that process. Overall, while there have been parts of the project where I felt stuck, I am learning a lot and am looking to see how the information I have found will benefit SBH Marketing.

Tata For Now,                                                                                                                     Davis Hechmer

SBH Marketing – Blog Post 2

May 17th, 2017

The last couple of days consisted of a lot of researching, but today I began to work on the organizational aspects where it comes to gathering your information. Organizing all the information kept me busy, but it helped me learn the best ways to categorize your findings, and how to evaluate what aspects of your research are more important than other bits of information.

Every day, I am learning more and more about different aspects of the marketing world, which was my goal coming into the project. As of tonight, I am extremely knowledgeable of all the work that comes into researching: finding what you’re supposed to be researching, making sure your findings are valid, not researching pointless information, etc. I worried at first that I would be researching information that would not be beneficial. However, my mentors Sean and Dave taught me that sometimes, you are not exactly aware of what you are supposed to be researching, and that the researching process is often used as a guideline to help you make a decision on your next steps as a company. That was a big learning moment for me right there, and gave me some assurance. I also did find some valuable knowledge throughout the last 3 days, which was a definite plus.

Today, my mentor Sean and I also went out to lunch. We talked about his life throughout his adult years. He told me how he worked for several different companies before starting his own, including American Express, and his passion for what he does really showed. It was really exciting to see that passion still burning so strongly today. We also talked about what some of my goals and aspirations are as an upcoming market major. I told him that although I am still unsure of what exactly what I want to do when I am older, I have hopes of working in the creative aspect of the marketing industry, whether it is designing products, creating scripts for advertisement, etc. Sean exhibits the ambition and passion I need to have in order to follow the path I want to go down; another valuable lesson from today.

Overall, it was a great day today! I got a lot of work done and am looking forward to see how the next few days progress.

Until Next Time,
Davis Hechmer

SBH Marketing – Blog Post 1

May 15th, 2017

Today was the first day of my time at SBH Marketing. It is nice to finally be able to start to dive deeper into the world of marketing, learning about the various niches.

I arrived at the marketing firm, and was given a few minutes to settle in and meet my coworkers for the next 3 weeks. I met the designer, some of the office heads, and another researcher/designer. My beginning goals for the day were to get a sense of what I want to accomplish before the 3 weeks are done, and I got straight to work with that.

Sean Hannaway, the head of SBH Marketing, helped me learn some of the basic strategies for researching. As I am currently researching the best ways for one of our fellow partners, Aspen Ski Co., to promote their merchandise, I am beginning to collect data on what the most successful tactics prove to be. Today, I began gathering certain sources and putting them in an excel spreadsheet, gathering contact information, and just began exploring the process.

Going into the day, I wanted to begin to learn about the research side of the marketing industry. I touched on the basics of doing so, and moving forward, I am more confident that I will be able to contribute strongly to the project I am currently working on fulfilling for the company.

Until Next Time!
Davis Hechmer