Dr B Came to the Studio!

On Wednesday, Dr. B came to check up on me at the studio! It was really fun seeing him and he got along really well with my boss Jenay. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to see much action since we don’t have recording sessions during the day usually. Rap artists aren’t notorious for being early risers, either. Nonetheless, I got to show Dr. B the “Audacity” app and how to record the vinyl records, and gave him a mini tour of the studio space. He talked with Jenay about the industry, and how to spot talent. I also learned Dr. B is a big Kanye fan! Definitely a cool visit.

It’s Poppin

Jenay Swimming

It’s been a great past two days. Yesterday I got to hang out with Lil Debbie as her and her crew finished recording in our studio as a feature on Chuck Inglish’s album. I learned how to order food using Postmate’s delivery service, shared a Cheesecake with Chuck, helped to take pictures to post on the Studio’s new instagram account, and made sure everything was going smoothly, in addition to continuing to expand the idea board/ wall at work.
Today I spent the day at the Watermarke pool with my overseer Jenay. We relaxed and came up with a concept map of how to make the social media of Xxalt records popping, and created a snap chat for the label too. While at the pool, other rappers were hanging out and started talking to me as I ran to get water. One of them is actually pretty well known, and he just made a song and music video with Iamsu. I introduced him to my boss and he booked studio time on the spot!

I’m working extra at the studio today to sit in on another session with Chuck and some producers from outside our label. It’s been a good day.IMG_8465IMG_8467-2

Oh the studio life

Well, I haven’t been very good at posting lately, but I’ll definitely make up for it.

So, today marks the start of the second week of my internship. I finished my task of helping find sponsorships for Chuck Inglish’s album release party, so this past week I took on the task of finding bloggers to create hype about the party. I’ve been creating a long spreadsheet of the Hypebeast editors and other contacts from the party, but it seems that that part of the project is coming to a close.

Today I’m organizing the studio space itself, because apparently the Chuck Inglish listening party (not the actual album release party – that’s separate) is going to be here. That means I have to clean out and reorganize the closet and storage spaces so that we have space to move the tables and everything around. The studio is actually a pretty big place, and is often rented out as a venue in itself – not just the recording area. Within the next week we have to design a layout for installing a temporary bar and cocktail area and a DJ space, ect. I think tomorrow we’re going to go to T’s apartment at the Watermarke tower. Jenay, my overseer, said we’re doing guest relations but that we’ll probably get to relax by the pool too, which should be fun. I’ll post pictures!


The Studio Life

Well, I thought I hit the publish button before, but here is my post that was supposed to go up yesterday.
Today is my fourth day at work, and the whole experience so far has been interesting to say the least. My daily work mostly consists of PR, and finding sponsors for the upcoming album release party of Chuck Inglish, who recorded the album at the studio I’m working at and is having us plan his release party for him. Basically, I sit on my laptop and do lots of research to find the contact information of different potential sponsors and organize this data in a spreadsheet. Sponsors range from Reebok to LaLeakers Blog sites to different energy drinks, and it’s a lot of work finding out who exactly would be willing to put there name on this event. I’m working essentially as the unpaid intern to the pain intern, who handed me all of her work and braided her weave in for four and a half hours yesterday in front of the studio mirror. Don’t get me wrong, she’s definitely nice and cool to be around, but I feel like I might be a little overwhelmed with her work. However, she taught me how to use a Mac app called Audacity to record old vinyl records and save the recorded tracks onto the computer as digital copies before hanging the records on the walls of the studio. Currently while typing this I’m sitting at the table with Chuck Inglish as he watches basketball online with the producer, he’s a pretty cool guy, he told us a lot of stories from highschool. Apparently he hates vodka and thinks Hennessey is bougie, so I guess I have to cross that off my sponsorship list. Either way, I’m liking my internship so far, it’s definitely a wild experience.