Wednesday was all desk work. I was on my computer or stapling documents the whole day. It was a blast… Kate had me add all of her contacts from multiple platforms (microsoft office, excel sheets, and random people from a design magazine) onto Mail Chimp, a platform that helps you send out email blasts. (Kate had me do this so she could send out newsletters about her new store she’s opening in July) This took forever and grew tedious and tiring quite fast. By the end of that words were blurring and I didn’t want to see Mail Chimp ever again. However, as I am being hired for the summer (Yay! I’m gonna get paid!!), There is a high possibility Kate might have me working with Mail Chimp again. Crossing my fingers this isn’t true.

Free Labor

Not surprisingly, I was used as free labor at KLI. On Tuesday I rearranged a lot of the office, with the help of Kate’s husband, AJ. Unfortunately, Tuesday morning I thought, “I’ll probably be doing mostly desk work today” and I made the mistake of wearing leggings and a sweater, which meant I was dying of heatstroke while doing all the manual labor… I picked the wrong outfit that day. Plus the next day, I made sure to wear a tank top in case I was doing manual labor again, but did desk work all day and was cold! I clearly am not good at predicting how my days would go.

The Instal

Finished Dinning Room

Coffee Table

On Friday we did an instal at someone’s house. This meant we went to their house with accessories such as, rugs, art pieces, furniture, etc. and decided where to put them in the house and re-made certain rooms. We did the living room, dining room, sitting space, powder room, entryway, upstairs bathroom, and upstairs hallway. The whole day was really fun but a lot of work. It was a lot of “Bridget could you get me this” and “Bridget can you bring this upstairs”, which meant a lot of going up and down the stairs and running out to grab something and bring it to Kate to see if it was the kind of thing she was looking for. Kate didn’t always have an exact thing in mind when she would ask me to grab something, but rather a general idea of something that needed to fill/be added to the space in question. Overall, the day was really interesting and a great learning experience of what interior design is like.

Pinterest, Endless Pinterest

Today Kate had me organize the company Pinterest account. I was re-naming boards, moving pins, creating and deleting boards, and uploading photos. I enjoy organizing things to an extent, but after a while it got very tedious. The worst part was uploading the photos because I had to upload each photo separately, and there were 4 houses KLI has worked on and with each house there were about 10 – 30 pictures that needed to be uploaded. It was not the most fun experience and with every click of my mouse a little bit of my soul died. But once the Pinterest project was done, my desk work of the day had been completed. I then went on to paint wood samples because Kate was trying to color match wallpaper to paint colors for a current project. I also stained wood samples for a headboard Kate wants to stain, she wanted a “warm brown”. I also almost had the prized intern job of getting coffee for my co-workers but the task was oh so sadly given to someone else.


Friday started with me finishing the shelves I had been working on by adding two more sets of drawers. Then we had lunch all together and Kate brought up that I might want to stay with KLI over summer (and hopefully in the following summers and winter breaks) (and hopefully I’ll get paid once senior projects end), and so I said “Yes! I would love to continue working, I was just wondering how I would bring it up that I wanted to stay!” So, Friday went pretty well I’d say.

Oh Ikea…

My beautiful handiwork

Working at Kate Lester Interiors (KLI), an interior design firm, naturally, furniture is a necessity. So, on Wednesday, I had the wonderful privilege of being free labor (a delightful privilege most interns are blessed with). I went to Ikea with Danielle (my co-worker) to buy furniture, and but furniture I mean navigate the maze that is Ikea and carry heavy boxes. When Danielle (my co-worker) and I got there, they only had one of the two pieces we were sent to find, making our trip kinda unsuccessful, but quick.

The next day, I found, had even more fun waiting for me. I was yet again privileged with being free labor, as I was to build the shelf plus an additional six drawers. Oh Ikea, you do not like to make it easy on people do you? I had put together the frame before realizing three pieces were on wrong and had to be taken apart, flipped, and then put back together. But, I did it. I prevailed against Ikea. I now know I am ready for college and adulthood and nothing can take me down. (Except for maybe the four more drawers I have to build tomorrow because I only got through two before the day was over.) So yes, applaud my success, but wish me luck because tomorrow has more in store.