Final Day at F&P

So I ended my project with more moodboard/pinterest work. That’s fun because I got to move on to the ruffle dress sketches! New material yay ūüôā I did that for my morning and then finished my last day once again going through the entire website. This time I was given an excel sheet and I had to remove the dress names that were no longer available on the site. Because there are 600+ dresses on the site, I only got to get through around half! But it was still a nice assignment because I got to look at cute dresses I had never seen!

Pinterest and Bella: Our love/hate relationship

This has definitely been more of a creative week for me. Tania has mainly been my boss this week even though she had to go back to Australia (sad face). But happy face for Nyree, the big boss lady coming in. Nyree is the founder and CEO of fame and partners. Yes, that means she is Australian (insert heart eye emoji). Anyway, this week my job has been to make the moodboards for each dress’ page. I get a sketch of a dress that will be on the site soon and then go onto the lovely Pinterest to find images that would compliment the “feel” of the dress. So when the customer clicks on a page of a certain dress the details of it come up and so does a moodboard. TBH I don’t know why its really necessary like personally I wouldn’t buy a dress just because the moodboard gave me yummy¬†feelings…but clearly something is working. Anyway, for the past two days I have ¬†literally spent 17 hours combined on Pinterest. Yes. It is helping me accomplish my task but OMG I have never been so annoyed and just plain over a website. I have seen the same picture of Debbie Ryan from Disney Channel’s JESSIE so many times….I just…oh man. BUT even though it is tiring and a teensy(not) bit annoying the moodboards have turned out pretty awesome. Oh they also have Taco Tuesday’s here at the office so at 5 everyone gathers on their floor for some really really good complimentary tacos and stuff.

Sample of Mood Board...Here is a dress...

Sample of Mood Board…Here is a dress…

Sample of are the details and the board

Sample of moodboard…here are the details and the board



Yummy Taco Tuesdays!!

Yummy Taco Tuesdays!!

Week 2 (Part. 2) – “No Pressure”

I ended my week here at the office back on excel (surprise, surprise). After I escaped the pile of never ending dresses (which added up to 200!!) I got a break..thank the dress lord. Once the caffeine had entered my body I went back to work with Kevin. This next assignment he gave me was actually pretty fun! My job was to rewrite the titles and descriptions of the website that comes up when the company name is searched on google. I was given key words, and excel doc, and a limited amount of characters to work with. He gave me those, told me to try and be “cute-sy” because he cannot, and said “no pressure”. No pressure. Okay sure. Ha. I spent pretty much the rest of my time there¬†just writing and rewriting descriptions so they would fit the requirements. This was probably the smallest but most hands on assignment I have had and it was really fun. I got to use my own creativity to figure out how to catch the potential customers attention.

Week 2 (part 1) – Dresses Galore

So this week began with me finishing off some of the analytics numbers I was working with. Once again reminding me how much numbers are not my friend. However, Excel HAS become my friend because they literally use excel for everything that needs to be typed out. I once made a google document of links to websites because I figured “hey its literally just copy and pasting links onto a sheet this is perfect for a plain doc” and when I shared it my mentor for the day, Kevin, he looked at me with a smirk and said “You made a google doc…? hah”. So endless boxes of Excel it is! My first assignment for this week was to log sample inventory. I assumed this was just a simple organizing assignment. I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. Tania was my mentor for this assignment and she is also the brains behind the names of all these dresses. So for her this assignment would’ve been a breeze. But for me….I had to manually sort through the ENTIRE Fame and Partners website to find the same dress that I had in my hand. So I started with the first box which had about 15-20 dresses in it. Once I got into a rhythm it wasn’t so bad; I ended up finishing within a solid 45¬†minutes and was so proud of myself. Then I looked over to the cluttered storage table to the horror which was 7 more of those boxes. Black Coffee was my savior that day.


p.s. here is a picture of the bathrooms here at WeWork…they are just modern and cool! ¬†They are also playing dance/club music in each stall quite loud so bathroom break is always a party!

Me having fun in supa’ cool stall

Supa’ cool stall

My love for the Australians

So I am writing this update as I sit crushed against a stone wall in our little office space the size of my bedroom. I am working at the start up head quarters of Fame and Partners. There are currently 10 employees and counting and because of this size they have rented an office space out within the WeWork system. It’s actually really cool because it’s a company that has super modern office space in buildings all over the world that start ups can rent out as they begin to grow.¬†My first day began when I met my mentor at her house to then Uber up to dtla. When I arrived there was another girl who I had no idea was coming with us. I found out later that Lauren¬†is an intern for the summer and a Senior at Boulder. I immediately got closer with her¬†even though the people working here are no older than 35. ¬†Once we got to the building I got a badge and a company email(hit me up at Then I was given the grand tour. The WeWork buildings are really trying hard to seem hip and cool…I mean…they have 2 big open work spaces which are playing the latest music 24/7 and little phone booth and work rooms. They also have multiple kitchens on the floor with beer on tap(for those employees over¬†21)(not me) and tons of different coffee machines(me). After being showed around I was assigned to work with Kevin who would be my advisor for the day. This is when my brain began to melt. For the next HOURS I used Google Analytics and Google AdWords to make a spreadsheet with the company’s entire revenue from all different search origins. Shout out to ATM finance unit for the jumpstart¬†with Excel and numbers. I discovered just like that I really would rather not go into finance(just writing this makes me want to cry). Afterwards I got to meet more of the team that had shown up later in the day…and this is when I met the Australians. Fame and Partners is originally an Australian company soooo that means Australians are going to be moving over here to work. I hope I get assigned today to one of them because not only are they super cool and nice…I want their accent so bad. I will find myself an Australian man one day. Just watch.

one of the open work spaces

one of the open work spaces


P.S. here are some of the funny quotes I heard during the day that can represent the feelings of a start up.

“I will fly to China and make them re make this dress if its the last thing I do”

“Yes. This is burgundy. Yes it is different than red. No I am not color blind.”

“Bella please hold this while I go silent cry for a second.”