Goodbye Atlanta

I had an amazing time during my senior project. Everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful towards me. The crew really is a family and they work together as a team. I really enjoyed that aspect of it. The days are so long and usually very hectic and people get frustrated. But even if you’re mad at someone one day you let it go and start fresh the next day or the movie will be a disaster.

I enjoyed this project so much and would definitely recommend it to future seniors if they get the opportunity. The most important thing I learned from working on a movie set was that regardless of your job title everyone must work together and be nice to each other or all will fall apart.

The Production Office

I had been doing a lot of on set stuff so I decided to check out the production offices where the accounting, production, location, special effects, stunts and much more takes place. I was put to work and decided I will never ever be an accountant. I basically put papers in alphabetical and numerical order for 3 hours and it was SOOOOOOO boring. I got pizza though. I also date stamped paper too. I really enjoyed touring the special effects room. They are some of the most detailed people ever. Everyday they get sent the footage from that day and start making it look like a movie. They are one of the groups that is on the movie the longest.

Talking with Actors

I got a chance to talk with Lizzie Olsen and Anthony Mackie and ask them questions about their perspective on film and theatre. They have had experience with both. Anthony went to Juilliard and Lizzie went to NYU. They have also both been on broadway. Anthony said he enjoys theatre more than film but Lizzie is the opposite. Lizzie was terrified to be in a movie at first but now really enjoys acting behind a camera. Today Robert Downey Jr. approached me and said, “Who are you?” I introduced myself and explained why I was here and he goes, “Are you enjoying yourself? It’s exciting isn’t it? It’s like watching someone watch paint dry.” I started laughing and we had a nice chat. SO THAT WAS SUPER AWESOME! I also talked with Robert’s makeup artist for a long time. He gave me a lot of good insight and information. Fun fact he only paints three of his nails not all 10. You really have to put yourself out there, ask questions and not be shy on a movie set.

Day 4 Captain America

Today was a very relaxing day compared to yesterday. We switched locations and filmed in a parking garage. I got to look at the budget book for the movie which is confidential but I’ll tell you that for this movie Robert Downey Jr. is making more money than you would ever imagine. I read the slides that they were going to be shooting and then watched them film that scene. It takes the entire day for one scene that is 30 seconds long because they film it from so many angles and perspectives. I way less shy today and talked to a lot of different people and by doing that I met the stunt coordinator who also did the movie Bird Man. The best thing I learned today was how needy some of the actors are. Some examples include wanting a vegan chef, coconut meat and NEEDING to land in Atlanta precisely 90 minutes before sunset. My mentor Patty (the executive producer) is the one that deals with them.

Captain America 3

Let me try this again.

It’s been 3 days in Atlanta and it’s hot, humid and there are many unpredictable thunder storms. I am working on the set of Captain America 3. They are long days. From 7 in the morning to 8 at night. Right now they are filming a portion of the movie that takes place in the city of Lagos. So they have turned an old parking lot into that city. The first day I toured the lot and starting reading the script. I learned that a movie set is EXTREMELY chaotic but there is also a lot of standing around. It starting pouring rain with lightning and thunder so they had to shut down everything. Yesterday I watched a bunch of stuff being filmed with Chris Evans. (very beautiful man) I also watched Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double do a bunch of fight scenes. She was amazing. So far I have just observed a lot and met a lot of different people. Oh and there is free food everywhere. Guys walk around with trays of hot dogs and there is even a trailer with any food imaginable. It’s like a minimart in a car.

Today I was a set PA which stand for production assistant. I was set up with a head set and a walkie to hear everything that is going on between everyone in every department. Basically a set PA helps the AD’s (assistant director) keep things running smooth. They keep eyes on the actors coming to and from set, hand out water, “lock up” which means keeping people from walking into the shot that is being filmed and keeping people quiet when they’re about to roll. They are an echo to the AD. If he says “We’re rolling” you say “ROLLING!” Some other things he says are “picture is set, background, still rolling and cut.” It was a very tiring, long, sweaty day. The actors on set today were Chris Evans, Lizzie Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, extras and Robert Downey Jr. stopped by for a little. I’d say it was a pretty good day.