Last Day

I can’t believe it’s already my last day at Wpromote. It was such an amazing experience. I made a really good friend here and she made me cookies for my last night. Although I was only the intern for 3 weeks, I feel like I did so much and learned so much about this company. I would like to believe i did a lot of useful work that they can use for their clients. Senior projects are a great graduation requirement and they should definitely be the requisite every year. It was fun to read other classmate’s blog posts and i hope they enjoyed reading mine as well. Ill miss free bagel friday’s and the delicious coffee. 🙂

They used MY writing!

Just an example, I wrote first post :)

Just an example, I wrote first post 🙂

Oh my gosh!!! Randomly I went to check the facebook pages I had been writing for just to see if MAYBE they used my work and THEY DID! I was so excited. I felt famous and I felt like I was actually doing something useful for them. It was hard work and I had to use my brain a lot of be creative and it paid off and I am really happy.  I am now rewriting some content from their clients websites and I wrote a blog about Summer Grooming Tips that I am excited to see if they use. It feels cool to be helpful and taken seriously.

Final Week at Wpromote

I’m sad to be leaving after this week.  I have learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes of a website, and even google.  I have a lot of responsibility to write blogs and facebook posts for their clients.  I love the freedom they give me. I don’t really have any guidelines to follow when it comes to writing, it’s a lot of creative writing.  Many of their clients are orthos or dentists, so I am learning more about teeth and Invisalign and braces than I ever knew before. I’ve met some really cool people here and they’re all very nice to me.

Responsibility over Night

I am still enjoying working here. Now that my “training” period is over, I meet with one member each day and they give me a task to do for the whole day.  This task is typically something that is extremely time consuming that they don’t feel like doing.  But, I’m fine with it because that’s why I’m here!!

I have been doing a lot of blog writing for their clients and always social media posts.  Right now, I am working on 3 different Ortho facebooks, which is easier than it sounds because I only really had to write for 1, and then I am just copying for the next two.  I am gaining a lot of their trust because they just send me off to do their work for their clients.  It makes me feel special and it will be really cool to see my work published on the internet when the time comes. I guess they think I am doing good work because I haven’t been told otherwise.. yet.

New Day, New Task

Everyday I meet with someone from my team of employees and they teach me something new.  For example, yesterday I did what is called a social calendar and pretty much came up with 16 posts for the clients Facebook page to promote them.  I had to do some research about the company, so I’ve actually learned some random facts about restaurants and health centers.  It’s a good chance to be creative and have fun with it.

Today I am working on writing blogs for their client’s websites.  This is also fun because there aren’t really any guidelines on how to do it.  It’s cool that they’re giving me so much freedom and giving me actual work that someday they may publish.

First couple days at Wpromote

I love this job. Everyone is so fun and friendly.  The first day was a little rocky, since no one knew I would be here.  But then the next few days of last week were awesome.  They put me right to work the next day on Tuesday.  Each day I work with someone new from the “team” to teach me their specialty.  Basically, Wpromote is a company that promotes companies to get their name first on google.  This means that when you type in your phrase on google, Wpromote wants to make sure their clients name appears early on.  So, they have to go on their clients websites and rewrite their content to include the keywords that people type in on google so that they pop up first.

Yes, I know, it’s pretty confusing.  However, they had me writing content for their clients, running reports, and uploading posts on their social media pages.  I’m pretty good on the computer so it’s not that bad.  Everyone dreads running reports, but I think it’s kind of fun.

First day at a REAL JOB

For my project, I am shadowing at Wpromote, an online marketing/advertising firm in El Segundo.  Luckily, I only have to drive 10 minutes to get here.  I was in contact with one of the CEO’s at this firm, however, when I got here 8:45 am Monday morning, no one was expecting me.  Oh and I was never told to bring my computer so I was instructed to go back home and retrieve it. 🙂 Great first impression.

Interestingly, my brother did this same senior project 2 years ago and he is literally famous here. I was introduced to my “team” as Griffin’s little sister and haven’t seemed to shake that name yet.  One lady approached me and said “We called Griffin ‘baby intern’ so can we call you ‘baby intern’s sister’?” I laughed nervously and said yeah sure.

After Dexter, my mentor, quickly gathered some introduction videos and reading, I was set off to to get acquainted with how the office runs.  Dexter is very cool and laid back and I can tell we will have a good time together.  Everyone in this office ranges from the ages of 25-30, so it’s pretty cool.

At around 12:30 I started to get really hungry, but Dexter had never told me about a lunch break and he was in a meeting, so I was stuck.  Suddenly a man comes up to me and asks if I am doing anything for lunch or if I want to go with him and his friend, Bria.  I was so pleasantly surprised and felt so included at the time.  That was the turning point of this job because I finally felt like I mattered.  Let’s see what I have today!