Last Day at Gee Gee

Today was my last day at Gee Gee as intern. Nothing very exciting happened, though we did have a group of shoppers come into the store and bought some really cool presents and a pair of my favorite socks.
Another activity that I helped out with today was writing a long list for Sunday. My mentor will be attending a local schooling show and needed to have an idea of what she waned to show. We came up with a long, but super exciting, list of apparel and accessories.
Before I left, we got a super exciting email from a company owner. She owns Le Fash NY and previously had an exclusive through another store in LA. But without the exclusive, Gee Gee might be able to carry their stuff. I was particularly excited because my friend works with them really closely and their apparel is amazing! I wear my shirt from them all the time!

I am very excited to have had this experience and am very excited to finalize my reflection and powerpoint for Monday!

Staples, Starbucks, and Inventory

Today was a very weird but fun day at the store! When I arrived, my mentor and I finalized and printed out flyers for an upcoming event she is hosting on June 20th. Since she had a crazy day, she sent me to Staples to get them laminated. While I was out, she wanted to stop by Starbucks as she hadn’t eaten breakfast or brought a lunch. As soon as I returned, I saw a shipment of new gloves that arrived the day before. I got to work putting them into the system and the putting them on the rack in order by size. Though not the most entertaining job, it kept me doing something!

The store sells Hit Air vests for riding. Today, someone came in with their vest after they fell off and it was quite amusing having three people try to put a new canister in the vest! We all got very confused with the instruction book and ended up watching YouTube videos to figure out what we were doing wrong!


It is very bittersweet having my last day at the store tomorrow!

Gee Gee week 3 part 1

I had a very crazy day today at the store with lots of people coming into the store and lots of catching up to do! It was my mentor’s birthday yesterday, so she gave me the day off as she wasn’t going to be in the store. But, if you all know me, I found a way to work! I finished up my photo project and get the pictures to her (and make sure that my Facebook album for my trainers and barn friends was up to date and perfect)!

Since neither of us were in the store yesterday, there were tons of emails to get out and look at today! We made a huge list of everything that we needed to get started on, but only got to parts of our list! We had a customer who rides at the local private riding club come in to look at shirts, and I was helping her when she realized that there wasn’t one that stood out to her. But, she noticed the large pile of saddle pads! Since my trainers sold her horse to her a few years ago, I remembered what she looked like and was able to pick out something that the girl liked that also would look super cute on her horse! It was an instant success!

I am almost finished with my paper, but am going to finish that up tomorrow night and start on my Powerpoint right after I finish dinner tonight!

Gee Gee at Showpark

Hope everyone else is having a very exciting time on various projects!!

This weekend, i was competing at the Del Mar Horse Park with Speedy and also working, which was very hard to balance, but has taught me so much about what i will need to develop skill for later on in life! My main project was taking pictures of people showing in clothes and other items that Amanda carries in her store! Lucky for her, I love taking show pictures and know a lot of local riders from my barn that shop only with her! Because of this, my job was very enjoyable and i know the barn children loved all the pics I got of them! I am editing all the pictures and have only gone through about 100 of the total of over 500 from 3 days, so looking forward to finishing up this project tomorrow! Attached are some of the images that I am sending off so far to be used on social media (and possibly adds!). The last picture is one of me, thrown in just for fun!

This weekend was a huge learning experience for me as a photographer AND a rider! The biggest compliment came from my trainer, Alden, who said that my pictures of her were better than the Photo booth that charged over $30/digital file! I also know that a lot of you will recognize the girl in the first picture!





Gee Gee week 2, part 2

Hello all!

So this week was very exciting in the store! My mentor is working on the gold room, and the door between her current shop and the new room has finally been created! Not much else to report on for the first part of the week-we had some vendors come in on Wednesday to show us the Horze Equestrian products, but nothing really stood out to us. Thursday was a quiet day, except for the afternoon. Since the PV equestrian community is very small, its important that my mentor stay close with everyone and not get involved in drama. But, that is a little tricky for a lot of people, me included-especially since there are a lot of people that have left my barn due to some drama that they created!

But I will post again once I get home tonight-this weekend has been a crazy one! I am currently about to leave my hotel room at 6:30 to make it to the show on time! Yesterday was a great day for my horse-he was very excited to win blue ribbons in both classes we were in! My photo project for my mentor is going awesome and I can not wait to finish up the editing and share them with all of you!

Gee Gee Photoshoot

Today was a very slow day at Gee Gee, but I had lots of fun! My day started out very stressful-my car had to go into the repair shop for amounts of time that required a rental. But given my age, I am not allowed to drive rentals… SO my mom lent me her car, which helped out a lot!

We got right to work answering emails and sending out a lot to some of the brands that my mentor carries to replace what had sold out. We had to check some of the items that sold to make sure that we were ordering the correct sizes. To start out, we made a list of every helmet brand and style. Together, we figured out how many we had of each size and then went to the size chart that is in a magical book to see what sizes we were missing that thad to be ordered. After that was done, we moved onto the boots! That is very tricky because with each foot size that there is, there is also a calf and height size. While in the middle of that, we had a surprise visitor: my mom! She was going on a shopping trip downtown to get a graduation present for my neighbor and realized last minute she had her FastPass in her car, which I borrowed.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same as every other day, expect for a small break in the action in the middle of the day. During that time, my mentor needed me to run off to Staples to laminate some posters that she was going to hang around the store.

Another exciting project that I have started is a huge photo project. I brought my camera to the store today and am working on editing them! This is going to be a project that will take me a few days to complete as I will be heading down south on Thursday night to take pictures while competing! I know that my barn fiends will be wearing clothing that they got from her store, so I will be photographing them and using the pictures that I get on the Gee Gee Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Attached are some fun pictures that I took around the store today! IMG_2200




Gee Gee Day 5

Today was a very interesting day at the store!

My mentor, Amanda, got in a new Clover system (for those who don’t know-its her system that takes credit cards, prints receipts, and has all her inventory/prices) since there was a problem with the account that her current one was connected to. We were very surprised how well we got the system running! Until we realized that all her customer data since she opened AND all the prices and inventory was not on the system… After calling her bank manager and the company, we decided to just use the old system for the rest of the day while the company works on doing everything set up like it was supposed to be!

I am very excited for tomorrow-my mentor, Amanda, is coming to my barn to set up some items and I will help her! She has been to the barn may times with Gee Gee, but not with a lot of her new apparel and bridles! I am very excited about what we picked out to bring! Signing off for the weekend as I will be running around PV and hopefully be going to LAEC on Sunday to take pictures of a close friend as well as starting to pack my tack trunk for my competition next weekend!

Vests, Breeches, Construction OH MY

Today was a very exciting day at Gee Gee, though I am currently icing my hip and my back (which reminds me that I need to find some bath salts!) due to a very naughty horse and his love for seeing me fall off… But that is another story for another day!

Today, we had a super nice representative come into the store to talk to Amanda (this is getting very confusing I am sure-my mentor’s name is also Amanda!)about ordering a few new brands and products for the store. It was really cool to get to look at some new items that I have never seen before! The lady brought in some really cool new ASTM rated vests and helmets for us to look at, and my boss ordered a few of the vests as they are super safe for children who have mothers just like mine!

Another super exciting thing that I got to do was help my mentor put together a color wish list for a new line she is bringing it-Sarm Hippieque! I was able to look at the color/fabric swatches and help decide what style/colors she should bring in-and it was SO MUCH FUN! We have to go back and look at some of the swatches for the jackets tomorrow, but there are so many amazing options, it will be hard to pick one color combo for each jacket that she will start off with!

And last but not least, the construction company finally showed up-as she will be expanding her store into the next room over. I am very excited to have this construction start (since it will be a quick project) so we can arrange the store in a better layout! Below are some pictures from around the store complete with a mirror selfie showing part of the store and my amazing and super fun Riding Outfit Of The Day!

Gee Gee Equine Day 1

I arrived bight and early Monday morning to Gee Gee in Torrance, and got right to work organizing the store! I made sure that the breeches were on the right wall and were in order based on the brand, style, and then size. It was a little tricky for me (as I kept forgetting what size I just looked at before and had to go back and double check a few times), but I eventually was able to have everything looking pretty and in a correct order. The owner of the store, Amanda, let me work at my own pace and use my creative side to arrange everything in an order that was visually pleasing.

After I finished that, I moved on to something very important-and that relates directly to the role of Social Media and what influences it has on a store. I have been looking through my own Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook news feed, and have been seeing a lot of new interest in One K helmets. I was able to look through a catalog and review all the latest styles for Amanda, circling the ones that she should take a closer look at to order for the store. I also was able to order a few more products that she was almost out of.

Later on, I was also able to help a trainer who came into the store to get clothing for a 4 year old girl to compete in. Using my knowledge of lead-line apparel, I was able to have a selection picked out, waiting for her to look at since she texted the owner before she showed up! It was great to know that my knowledge from watching shows and understanding what small children like to wear has paid off!

I also talked to the owner, and she will be at my barn on Saturday, so as soon as I got home, I was able to work on a flyer:
Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.45.42 PM
for when she is at the barn to alert the lesson program clients, and will also be sending out an email tomorrow using my mom’s mailing list for the training program! I am very excited to help her and take lots of pictures on Saturday!