Keystone: Week 3 (Days 3-5)

As my time at Keystone came to an end, I was finally given the ultimate task. I had to put together a package for a client…all by myself, well almost. I spent the entire day finding the information I needed and entering it into the company’s template. Once I finished with that, I had to re-check my work and then add visuals to make my work appealing. On Friday, I went in to add the finishing touches before telling my mentor I was finished so he could look it over. He made some slight changes before saving it so he could send it to the client later on. I was happy with what I had done because it felt as though I had actually contributed something meaningful. After I was finished, the office took me out to lunch to celebrate my last day. I was lucky to work with people who went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and I enjoyed my (short) time at Keystone.

Keystone: Week 3 (Days 1-3)

Week 3 of my senior project got off to a good start as I was put to work with a couple people in the office on a package that would eventually be sent to the client. Although the work was not exactly labor-intensive, I was able to see all the work that is put in just for one package. This included figuring out the price of the property, the size, the location, and a bunch of other information. Even though I had only been there for a week, I was already questioning how someone could do this as a full-time job (although I am sure the people who work there do a variety of things compared to what I had to do). I was always commended for the work I was doing, which I suppose is what got me through a couple of these days. The people I was working with also helped by making conversation with me and keeping the mood very energetic.

Keystone: Week 2 (Days 4-5)

After doing some work on Excel and learning a little bit about the company in my first couple of days, I was ready to learn more. On my fourth day, I was taken out on the field to explore some properties of potential clients. My mentor was quick to point out all the positives and negatives of the properties that he showed me. Also, he showed me the properties of current clients and explained why the company chose to provide a loan for that site. Once we returned to the office, I was again put to work on Excel, however, my mentor bought me lunch, which made the experience much better than before. Lastly, I became more comfortable with the people I was working with and quickly learned a lot from them, both about the company and about them. Overall, the first week at Keystone was a good experience where I learned a lot about a field that I had no idea about before.

Keystone: Week 2 (Days 1-3)

After a week at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, I decided that I wanted to do something different for the last two weeks of my senior project. So, I began working at Keystone Mortgage. Keystone provides large loans to real estate properties. Before this, I had no idea about anything having to do with real estate, so I figured it would be a good idea to give it a go. My first day was spent doing typical intern tasks: filing papers, organizing files, and other small things around the office. After a somewhat boring first day, I was hoping for some more meaningful work to do in the days to follow. The next day, I was put to work on an Excel spreadsheet to update financial numbers of all the company’s clients. Although this was not much of a step up, I got a glimpse into what the company does as well as an explanation about what all the information meant.

Habitat for Humanity (Week 1)

The first week of my senior project was spent at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The Restore is basically like the Salvation Army, where people donate things that they no longer need or want. Originally, I thought this would be an easy, but boring job, since I was under the impression that I would just be doing the same thing all day. I was wrong. I bounced around from one task to another, never being without something to do. I took furniture apart, rebuilt it, moved it out onto the floor to be sold, organized the shop, and interacted with customers. Thanks to my coworkers, who kept the mood upbeat, I was able to actually enjoy the work I was doing, even though it got tedious at times. Although I only stayed at the Restore for the first week, I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot from the people I worked with. Overall, it was a great experience.