Week 3 Recap

Today we went straight to Barstow which is 2 hours away. We had to help fix a broken motor in a hand wash gas station car wash. This motor turned on pistons which pressurized the water that shot out of the pumps to wash the car. The motor was burnt out so we had to take it out and replace it with the new one. Once we took it out we found a leak and we closed it out with some sort of special tape and a glue solution. Once we did this we found that a hose that the water ran through had a tear so we told them to order and new hose to install it right away so they don’t waste water.

We started at 6am today and we went directly to a car wash in South Central. Today all we had to do was an inspection of the car wash. First we saw if the conveyor belt was working then we went to the back room to see in the pumps, water distribution, and vacuums were working. As we turned on the wash we found two leaks in two of their spinning washers and a ripped up mat that cleaned the wheels. We headed back to the office to write a quote for the customer to see how much it would cost to replace and fix those parts. Then we headed over to a car wash in Culver City that was having a hard time controlling when they wanted to turn their blowers on and off. In this car wash the blowers would turn on right when a car entered the car wash and then would turn off realizing that the car has not yet gotten to the blowers and is still getting washed with water and soap. The problem is that the blower can’t be turning on at the wrong time then turning off and then turning on again at the right time because all that turning on and off wastes energy so they have to find a way to program it where it turns on when it is supposed and stays on to do its job.

 We first went to San Pedro to see a green Forest car wash that had a loose conveyor belt. When went there to tighten it up by taking a link out of the conveyor belt then we cleaned their tire waxing machine. When then left to a Redondo Beach car wash to fix its conveyor belt switch and to do more maintenance on little water pumps.

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