The final post

My last day at WNS was Friday, which was also the day of the show. It was a long day for me, as I woke up at 6am to get there on time, but luckily I had a long break in the middle of the day where I left WNS.

On this final day is when I felt like I actually made a break through with getting to know the kids. It was good and bad because it was my last day, but I am also glad I made a break through at all.

The show went well and the kids really stepped up their energy during the two performances, although I still feel like they could have done more. One of the teachers/administration talked to me and Brendan after the first show, asking if we had encouraged the cast to be more energized. Duh, of course we had only like twenty times. But still, half of them looked like their puppy had been stolen.

After this experience I am definitely considering going back in the future to help with productions, and definitely not considering becoming a teacher.

114 thoughts on “The final post

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