See You Later Colorado

Today was my last official day of work at Deer Hill! Al gave me a small task to refill and check the spice kits that the staff take with them on trips. After that was done, I was assigned to the fun task of creating name tags that were color coordinated with the boats and I printed out all the boat names and then laminated them. These boat tags were a small legacy I was able to leave Deer Hill with becuase they will use them long after I leave.

At around 10, it came to my attention that one of the girls on the San Diego trip was having too much anxiety and she decided to opt out of going on her trip. I was asked by Amy if this girl could “shadow” me all day until her aunt could pick her up. I said I didn’t mind at all and she helped me with my work all day. We sorted repair kits that go on trips and I helped return her rental items that she got the day before. After, Al walked me to the store and let me pick out a Deer Hill shirt as a goodbye gift. Right before lunch, the girl and I put some dirty sleeping bags into the washer and I gave her a small tour of the camp while we sprayed most of the door knobs down with bleach as a safety precaution. After lunch, we washed some dirty sleeping pads with bleach and soap. Al then brought us up to the shop where I cut rope and melted them together to make bucket buffers (which help keep the buckets from sticking together when wet). 

After finishing up my last day, I was so appreciative that I got to work with such kind-hearty and amusing staff for the past few weeks. This experience was eye-opening in the sense that I was able to learn about how the inner workings of an outdoor adventure program works.

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