Oh Sticks…

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I started the day off by watering the new patch of grass. Afterwards, I began a task that took me almost all day: picking up sticks. It seemed like an easy task, but there were sticks covering the two field in front of the store and the main kitchen/ house. I put my headphones in and listened some music which helped me make this job more enjoyable. I worked on the stick project from around 8:30 till 12. I felt exhausted and almost felt faint from walking around and bending down to pick up sticks for 3-4 hours, but being outdoors all day was relaxing. 

After lunch, I finished picking up all the sticks and placing them in piles. After I was finally finished, I used the company’s small European Truck they call “El Toro”. I loaded the five different piles of sticks I created into the back. That in itself was a difficult task because I had to pick up an awkward sized pile of sticks. It took a few attempts to get all the sticks from each pile in. I finally packed up all the piles into El Toro and I drove past the bathroom building and found the “road”. I drove El Toro thought the field, which was a bumpy ride and I made it to the burn pile (which is where Deer Hill puts all the wood scraps they find). I opened the side of the truck and pushed all the random sticks off of the truck.

Once my main task for the day was complete, I walked up to Ilikea and helped her finish pre-tripping two vehicles. In order to pre-trip, we have to check all the lights, wheels and a lot of random things that a driver would want to work while using a car/truck. Once we finally finished, I drove the van with a trailer forward and parked it in next to the shop. 

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