New week, new job. Mikey the intern is rolling with the top dogs to meetings now. Today, I went to Los Angeles for an interesting meeting. I went to the offices of Brooketone in LA in the morning with my boss Rich, who is the Vice-Chairman of CBRE, as well as Matt who is the newly hired creative director of the team. Matt gave me a ride to LA, which ended up being really cool. It was about an hour of a drive, so Matt and I got to know each other pretty well. Matt is a huge Phish-Head, and also rides motorcycles. The reason why he was driving me in his car was because he recently got into two bike accidents on the freeway, so he’s taking a brief hiatus from biking. We talked about music, how his career path took course, and other interesting things. Brookstone has a really cool office building. We went to the executive meeting room and proceeded with a three hour meeting, mainly about stuff I had no idea about. The one thing that I understood well was when they were going through demographic analysis, that was cool. Brookstone was basically looking for a new location in southern California and CBRE was there to aid them in this search. It was cool to be ┬áin this professional environment today. I had lunch with my boss, I had a really good sandwich.

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