Last Meeting

Today, I went to Culver City. Matt drove me again, which was fun and more exciting than driving by myself. We went to then Wolcott Architecture firm, which was actually really cool. The building was insane. It looks very weird from the outside, but once you enter the building the vibe could not be more cool. Everything is different and modern, even the cubicles. Before the meeting the secretary, who was a very kind woman, handed me a water bottle that looked like a rocket ship. Everything about this place was different. Rich, Matt and I proceeded to the meeting room where we met Sean, who is a building owner, and two ladies who represent Wolcott. One of Sean’s buildings in Santa Barbara is currently occupied by a failing Sacks. At the end of the year, Sacks will ask Sean for a lowered rent, and Sean does not want to do this. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the different possibilities of this building. The building plans (blueprints) were laid out on the table. Throughout this few hour meeting, Rich was vigorously writing on the white board, as well as asking questions and suggesting ideas. I have learned a lot from Rich, not only in meetings but from overhearing and overseeing his work. I have shared a desk with him for three weeks and I feel that I learned as much as I could in this period of time.

I did not have lunch today, I ate right when I got home.

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