Continuing the Grind

Today I worked on demographic analysis. Demographic analysis is exactly how it sounds, analyzing demographics of different cities. This is important to do so that clients know exactly where the best place to build retail would be. My job in this process was to formulate excel sheets of demographic analysis for every city in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County. I did this through an application in the CBRE website, which was pretty easy. The hard part was extracting only some of the information from these analyses and filling them in on a grid. This included population, daytime population, amount of households, average household income, amount and percentage of people with associates degree or higher and income of 75000 or higher, and others as well.

Today River and I went to Jersey Mikes, always a great call. I got number 7 mikes way light on the onions.

When I got back to the office my boss Rich took me to a meeting which was cool, I took notes.

121 thoughts on “Continuing the Grind

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