Continuing at CBRE

When I was initially thinking about a commercial real estate firm, I could only assume that it would be a very timid environment, with bland cubicles filled with old men. Luckily for me, CBRE has an extremely nice office. Everything is state of the art, almost flawless. There are tons of young people working here, and even another intern named Kat, she’s really chill. I met this guy named Connor today, he’s a senior at LMU. His role in my boss’s team is solely to research. When he told me this, I asked him to help me with research for my African American Entrepreneur research project. Working with other young people made me feel me comfortable as an intern.

Today I got lunch with River. We got L n L which was super delicious. When I got back to the office I continued with research on retail and restaurants and ended my day by starting a new project on demographic analysis.

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