Comstock Day 13 – Commercial Holdings

I finally had the chance to check out some of Comstock’s commercial holdings. While most of the company focuses on the residential aspect, Comstock also brings in a large chunk of their profits through maintaining and collecting rent on their commercial properties. While Comstock hasn’t built any new commercially zoned properties in about 8 years, they still maintain a few shopping centers and an industrial office complex. I had the opportunity to accompany Jayne as she drove to each of the properties to check on them (they’re all in Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne, or El Segundo). Every so often, Jayne drives to the properties to make sure the tenants are properly maintaining their lots and that the general upkeep of the properly is maintained. A lot of Comstock’s holdings are places that I know and have visited many times. Specifically, Manhattan Marketplace, Manhattan Gateway, and Plaza El Segundo are all shopping centers that I’ve gone to find a good lunch many times.

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