Computer Grind

Today I really began my Top Golf project. Top Golf is a very high-end driving range. It contains the driving range, of course, as well as many other sources of entertainment such as alcohol, television, food, and interactions with other golfers. Top Golf is CBRE’s new client, so my job for the day was strictly focused on Top Golf. I was given a list of around 5 or 6 counties in California, and was instructed to list every city in each county. Once I had listed the cities by county in separate excel spread sheets, I had to find the economic development director and their contact information for each city. This took much longer than I expected. Some cities would not have information available on city officers, or city websites at all.

For lunch today River and I went to The Rice, where I indulged in a delectable spicy tuna bowl. I went back to the office and resumed my work on finding economic developers. This work was very boring and came with induced neck pain from looking at my computer for five hours.

111 thoughts on “Computer Grind

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