a Tata to Tada

So everyone elses senior prokect ended Friday but mine ended today. It was a pretty tiring two days and I have mad respect for the people I work with. They are working these shows for three weeks and since there are three shows each day on the weekend they have to be there from 9-9. These six weekend shows were really nice and I felt 100% like I worked there because I knew at this point exactly how to do my work most efficiently and I know all the kids and they all knew me and I knew the show through and through and so it began to be fun even though it was a lot of work. Definetely this weekend I was given the most responsibility. I was in charge of selling concessions and delivering them and i was in charge of preshow prep and backstage alone which was nice cus I like a challenge. I also worked a bit more with the owner of POPS, Mark, and he began giving me some of the office responsibilities and I got closer with him. I honestly never wanted to work here and never imagined liking being back in the performing arts world but I ended up loving this experience and finding it really hard to leave having really connected to the ladies I was working with. I also think I learned a whole lot more than I expected too and I am grateful to POPS for the experience!

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