My Experience with Linseed Oil

Today was a normal work day. I woke up around 7:45 to get ready and start work at 8:30. Both Sam and Michael were in Moab because they had the day off. Ilikea, Alex and I went down and debriefed with Al. Our biggest project for the day was to roll/ brush linseed oil on all of the wood in the trailers. We had to sweep the dirt off the trailers before we started. This oil was extremely unpleasant to smell and it took a lot of effort to spread it over the rundown wood floors on these trailers. We listened to music to make this tedious job more enjoyable. By 11:00, I went into the office and talked to Amy, who is in charge of hiring Deer Hill staff, about the inter-workings of Deer Hill. Her biggest job is to keep in touch with all the staff that have worked with Deer Hill, hire new staff, fire staff that aren’t working and planning out which staff goes on which trips. It was interesting to see how much planning goes on because it is her responsibility to pick staff who have the right skills for different trips. For example, she sometimes needs a member with great climbing skills or backpacking skills.

By 11:30, I made my way back down the the trailers to¬†help Alex and Ilikea finish a first coat on the rest of the trailers (Deer Hill has about eight). It was finally lunch time and I could tell that Alex and Ilikea were burnt out because they haven’t have much time to rest. After an hour lunch, we made our ways back down to meet with Al. For the rest of the day, we finished the last of the oiling project and then moved on to other projects. The oil ended up completely staining my pants and my shirt. I realized how much I didn’t enjoy working with this oil.

Alex and I helped “pre-trip” the Escape so that the four main interns could use it the next day to help pick up the Chicago group. I filled up two 20lb water jugs while Alex gathered a few other items the field staff requested. After this task, I chilled in the office for a little bit while Al gave Alex a rundown of how the group pick-up would work the next day. The interns were going to have to drive on a road called the Moki Dugway which is a very dangerous, curvy road. Once the debrief was over, Alex and I took on the daunting task to organize the “back stock” in the store. We needed to organize all the extra Rental Items that were stored in the back room of the store. JP gave us a rundown of what he was looking for and then we got to work. This task took the rest of the day, as we needed to walk to the recycling bins and grab cardboard boxes to use. Finally after organizing the bulk of the items, Al came in around 4:30 to let us off the clock.

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