As I reflect on my time with my mentor, planning and decorating her events with her and planning my own event, I can’t help but be really grateful for this opportunity. I am so glad that I was able to plan my own event, which turned out really great, and was able to work with someone so passionate about what they do!

In the beginning of the day of my event, I was a little stressed and overwhelmed because I forgot something at home and some things weren’t as “perfect” as I wanted them to be, but my friends did a great job relieving some of my stress by offering to set up tables and clean up, which I really appreciated. Overall,┬áthe dinner was really fun and I got a chance to hang out with my friends as well as practice what I was taught by my mentor.

Here are some pictures of how everything was set up:

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  1. And it turned out AMAZING!!!! I never would have guessed you forgot anything or were stressed!! You’re a queen and amazing at everything!! <3

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