Friday- Running around at 7am

Even though Friday was my last day of working with my mentor, it didn’t feel like it because we had so much to prep and get done in order to be prepared for my party the next day. I started my last day at my¬†mentor’s house at 7 am.We then drove to Downtown LA to pick up last minutes supplies as well as pick up stuff for my mentor’s events. After spending about three hours in Downtown LA, we went to my mentor’s friend Jenny’s house. Jenny is an amazing chef and a baker and she assisted me with making the food for my event. At Jenny’s, we prepped all the food and baked the cake (pictured below), which was really fun because I was able to learn lots of cooking and baking techniques and Jenny gave me a lot of tips on how to serve my food. After spending another 3 hours at Jenny’s, my and my mentor went to one more store to buy the remaining items and then I went home for the day.¬†

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