More 3D Modeling

After the disaster that was downloading Python, I went back to some more familiar ground with TinkerCAD. However, this time, instead of designing light baffles, I was making a piece for testing solar cells. Each cell is 1 cm x 1 cm and when tested is put inside of a chamber where two different rods touch it to pass a current through it. However, the problem is that each cell is not held securely and can move around. The current solution is to cover the part of the cell without the circuit with a piece of sapphire (it just looks like glass, but it is there since it does not conduct electricity) that is held down with crossed beams that are bolted to the plate. My job was to make a simple box that has a recess in it for the sapphire disc and has holes in it that are an inch apart. I also had to design a new base plate with a grid of holes that were half an inch apart. When both of the pieces go through the machine shop, the process of testing each solar cell (which has been given to a new intern) will be much easier now with the next design. A week ago, this process would have taken me a few hours, but now I can finish a project fairly quickly. Skill with 3D modeling software will be really helpful down the line as I am bound to use it at some point for aerospace engineering.

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