Week Two Recap


 Today started at 6am and luckily we spent all our time at two car washes. First we went to the metro bus wash in Santa Monica to see how they were handling their water consumption. The problem with this one was that their timers for the pre rinse were on too long so even after the bus left the pre rinse it was still wasting water so we turned the timer down to save water. Also this car wash did not have a bus counter so we didn’t know exactly how many gallons per bus because we did not know how many buses. Lastly the washes final rinse was turning on in the middle of the wash so it was on too early. It would turn as the bus was in the middle getting scrubbed and then at the end when it was actually suppose to be on. To solve this they have to install another infrared sensor before the final rinse so that when the bus arrives there it can actually turn on when it’s needed instead of turning on twice and wasting water. Next we drove to another metro bus wash that was trying to conserve water too. They were having the same timer problem and final rinse problem. After diagnosing the situation, NS will set a price of how much it will cost for the parts and the labor to fix their car washes.


We started the day around 7am and went to the office. The first thing we did was to write the quotes for the metro bus car wash so that they could see the amount of money needed to fix their problem. While my uncle finished the quotes I triple checked the numbers for San Diego to make sure there weren’t any mistakes. After this we went to West LA to a regular car wash to fix a water sprinkler that wasn’t spinning and also to fix the part of the wash that guides the wheels of the car and moves the car for you while it’s washing. We finished this in an hour then we went to the office to pack up a computer for my uncle who will be going to San Diego to program a car wash.


 My uncle went to San Diego for three days to set up the car wash down there. After checking all the numbers and the types of washes he took that information down there to program it into the computer. The wash had to be up and running on Friday morning for its first customers.


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