I made a Davis pun at game night

So, tonight was game night at the center. We played Clue, Sorry, and Jenga. We had a bunch of pizza, the El Camino students and I (who all love me by the way). The game of Jenga was insane. Anxiety filled the air as the blocks piled up, wobbling pn 13 single blocks which were crissed-crossed. I told them that “this game was like the time I went camping: in-tents.” I got a round of “Maeve wtf” and “I cannot believe you said that” and “Nooooo whyyyyy”. Needless to say, I think it was an appropriate pun for the situation.

Monday, the center was closed, so I kept on packing up and cleaning my room. Half of it is now in boxes in the garage, with either writing that says “Keep this! Do NOT throw away!” or “Taking to college!”

And my birthday is in 22 days so I’m super excited. I will finally be 19. Wow I’m old. And I leave on my epic road trip for Boston in 79 days.

The children’s book drive sign is coming together nicely. I have about five different ones I’ve made and am going to send my ideas to Mary. I’ll post whichever one she decides to use.

Generation Gap

For the last few weeks at PPLA, I have been interviewing potential volunteers. Although it is not the most exciting job in the world, I did not run into any problems until today.

Today I interviewed a woman who I’d been trying to get in contact with for over a week. Every time I called she did not answer, so I had her email my mentor to schedule a time. She couldn’t hear properly the email I gave to her in the voicemail and decided to call PPLA instead, which is completely understandable.

When we were finally put in contact she told me that I needed to work on talking slower and louder as she couldn’t understand me in my voicemail, which none of my other potential volunteers I’ve interviewed have brought up but I just went a long with it to not upset her further.

Then she went on a ten minute rant about Trump, who she calls “Agent Orange.” And believe me I am not anti-Trump rants, but I didn’t think a job interview was the time to do it especially since I was only on the first question out of 7 and usually the interview takes at most 15 minutes. Anytime I tried to let her know politely that I did have another volunteer to interview, she would say that it was rude to interrupt her. She then asks for my age and says that because I am so young I should be listening to what she has to say. Then she asks for my last name, which I fear she is going to use to call PPLA and comment on her phone call with me.

At this point she has been talking for 20 minutes and I am 5 minutes late to my next meeting. I try to tell her that I have to go and she continues to criticize my rudeness.

Now the next person I am supposed to interview starts to call me as I am 20 minutes late for our interview.

Eventually I say as nicely as possible that I have to go and I tell her she will hear from us shortly. Finally I am able to hang up and I call my next interviewee. Although I apologize profusely for my untimeliness and the my interviewee is very understanding, I still am frustrated that this rude woman had taken up this other interviewee’s time.

In the end, since I only managed to get two questions answered by the woman, I had to sorta fudge the answers to the other questions based on the rants she went on.

Fortunately my mentor was very understanding and this woman will not be working with PPLA anytime soon. Still though, today was not my favorite day.

Third week going strong

I spent my first day this week right back at it with different exercises with some of the patients. My mentor has really given me more responsibility and I truly enjoy it. Also we got food again today and it SHMACKED. Ribs, chili and baked potatoes was a good way to celebrate the day after memorial day. I’m gonna miss working here, i have really gotten to like the patients and the employees here but there is no way I’m getting a job there.

Aerospace Corporation– Week 3, Day 2

Today, I moved on to shadowing Lucas, a third year MSE student at Georgia Tech. While running through the different steps of polishing samples, and why they needed to be polished, I learned much about Georgia Tech that I didn’t know before; he told me about the differences in dining halls, why I should take specific class credits, which optional classes would be the most beneficial, etc. etc.

Over the course of my last week, I will hopefully be able to test the 3D-printed fracture toughness testing samples that I made last week. More updates on that to come.

Final Week Part 1

Highlight of my day/life: I saw Bill Hader at coffee bean yayyy but he was really intimidating so i didnt say anything

In the writer’s room, we just talked about more of the details for the plot and major character arcs. There’s also a new assistant in addition to the two old ones, and his name is Daniel. He’s nice, but i really don’t like him because he messes everything up and he’s annoying, but whatever. (even though i feel bad for disliking him because he’s on the autism spectrum).

We also all met with two doctors from Cedars, a chief surgeon and a fourth year resident, along with the same autism consultant that we met with at the end of the first week of my project.

Other than that, today hasn’t been much different than the previous weeks, but I’m still having soo much fun and im literally so sad that this is the last week. 🙁


Teddy Bear Day!

Today was a good day! I had the chance to do the Hokey Pokey with the kids, but the twist to it was it consisted of doing it with Fruit and Vegetables. Shocker right? Attached is the link to the Hokey Pokey video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YxD2tsvCWQ

Not as many children showed up to class today so I was working with a much smaller group of kids. By the time my last little straggler walked in I was just getting started. So, I began our day with a few children’s books because there is no way to learn better than through the knowledge of a book. Their favorite story is Green Eggs and Ham. Following reading time, I wanted to get the kids energy up a little, so we did the Hokey Pokey Fruit and Vegetable style, sang our ABC’s x3, and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. They even had me tired of singing after all of that but I was still ready for more! Afterwards, I gave the kids a little break to go play with some toys or go to the men’s or ladies room if they needed to use it. During this time, a little boy named Hue stopped me by tapping my leg and insisted on asking me why I kept blowing my noses with the white stuff (tissue). I told him I was under the weather and not feeling too well. Hue was so kind and said exactly this,”I I hope you feel better Ms. Jackson.” He even tried to give me a hug but I told him I didn’t want to get him sick. Oh, at this location the kids call me Ms. Jackson but at my other location the kids have to call me Ms. Denise.

Following our break, it was time for the kids to make their own Teddy Bear with sunglasses in order for them to use them in the puppet show I will be organizing. It took a while for the kids to actually make the teddy bears because I wasn’t able to assist them all at once how they would have liked. Some of the children got so frustrated that they began to cry for the reason that they couldn’t figure it out and I wasn’t paying enough attention to them in their eyes :(. I made it up to the kids by doing an amazing puppet show! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the puppet show recorded because I was too busy hosting the puppet show. The kids were so sleepy after the puppet show that they all went down (to sleep). It was a long day but I made it through sick and all!
I can honestly say that I love working with little kids! I have a passion to work with younger children because they’re always curious to learn something new about themselves or a new toy. It’s like they’re charged on energy that never runs low :). I chose to work at a preschool whose values were to focus in on reading and make a difference within the children’s lives. As well as, to empower them with a fundamental education that may benefit them down the line. For these reasons, I hope to accomplish my goals of helping the kids achieve their full potential, whether that’s through potty training or learning how to write their first and last name. Most of all, I work with kids because I admire their resilience and creativity which inspires me to be a better individual.

Principles of Graphic Design

When I found out that I was going to do my senior project at a center for brain games with a psychology professor, I definitely didn’t expect to spend the majority of my time on graphic design. And yet here I am.

Today has been going pretty well so far. My mentor is back, which means I no longer have to wait on my email for some direction on what to do. Instead of using google slides, I’ve started to use keynote, which is some program that comes free with mac. I’d never used it before, but It’s been pretty fun and helpful so far. One of my goals for today was to create a texture my mentor likes, and even after he picked one I’ve still been having fun playing around with it.

(I’m probably going to use keynote for my presentation in order to #incorporate my #learning)

Come to think of it, I think today is the first day I’ve actually accomplished the goals I’ve set out. I also made a vertical format for the brain test that seemed to be mentor-approved. Which is great, since most of what I’m doing involves a lot of discarding material after working on it for hours. RIP my grid of shapes.

(I’ve also learned more than I need to about inter-office politics due to a small controversy between faculty members currently going on, but I’m probably not going to be able to talk about that in my essay)

I hope everyone else’s senior projects are going well, and that your instructions are at least 5x less confusing than mine are.

The reflection feature makes it look professional

boring but practical


I tried

I’ve been trying for two weeks to upload the videos i’ve been making, but every single format seems to hate me and not work, so i’m just going to do one large update.

Week 1:

My mentor, Sam Lansky, is the senior Hollywood editor at Time Magazine. Before the 15th we talked briefly about what we would be doing during my time shadowing him. But when I met up with him at his flat in Hollywood, we hadn’t talked in a while, so we spent the first 30 minutes catching up on what I have been doing, as well as hammering out our schedule. He explained to me how he has a really great spot because he is allowed to make his own schedule and has a good amount of control over what he does and when he does it. After this he informed me that our plans for the day were going to be that we were meeting up at FOX Studios to watch a screener of the Movie My Cousin Rachel.

We watched the movie (starring Rachel Weisz) and then afterward we discussed the movie, and how we would interpret it, major themes etc. Sam told me about how he operates and said that now he has seen the movie, he can determine what kind of content it warrants. Whether it was worthy of a full review, or a smaller piece, and whether it was going to the print copy of TIME or the digital, or maybe both.

Tuesday Sam had a small emergency at work, so he gave me some homework to do. He informed me that he was doing a live interview with Sam Elliot (a famous old western movie actor) about his new movie “The Hero” before a screening of that movie up in Seattle. He tasked me with researching Sam Elliot, the movie, and any other things regarding the star, and write him a list of questions to ask for their hour live interview. That took up pretty much all my Tuesday.

Wednesday we met up at around 2:00, and Sam showed me the more social aspect of his job. We went to a Sirius XM press event which was Harry Styles doing a small concert at the Roxy in Hollywood. Sam described to me how a lot of being a writer in his field is who you know, and the “professional friendships”, as he described them, that you develop. He isn’t a huge fan of Harry Styles, but he is friends with Harry Styles publicist, the publicist invited him to the event. Sam knows he might want to do a piece on Harry in the near future because of his new album, and also because he is starring in the movie Dunkirk directed by Christopher Nolan. After watching most of the concert and talking to some other colleges and friends as the event, we headed back to his apartment to watch the movie with Sam Elliot that he had me write questions about (he had the screener). The movie was around 2 hours and afterward we discussed what kinds of questions I should be writing, and what the movie was about.

Thursday was my favorite day. I met Sam at the Netflix campus in Hollywood, and there they showed us a screener of a new Netflix only movie that is going to be coming out called Mudbound. It was about Mississippi briefly before, during, and after WWII, and the racism and internal conflict of a family. It blew my mind, and anyone who has a strong stomach (there are some gruesome scenes) should absolutely see it when it comes out.

After that we convened at his apartment, and set of in one car to the Chateau Marmont. When we got there we went upstairs to a bungalow that TIME magazine had bought for the day and watched the camera men set up for the photoshoot with Lorde. Me and Sam waited around, talking about how the project was going for about 15 minutes, then Lorde showed up at the hotel, and introduced herself to everyone. She was there for a photoshoot and an interview with Sam about her new album. So she set off into the room and the camera guy started taking pictures of her, and while she was getting photographed, me and Sam talked to her mom about her album and other various stuff. At the end the photographer was running overtime and Sam needed to interview her, so we basically grabbed a couple chairs, threw them on the balcony, I said hi to her and she said hi back, and then I had to go.


Week 3: Almost there

This week apparently I have to give a presentation to some higher-ups within Mavenlink on machine learning to see if could help within the company.  And I have noo earthly idea how it works or anything about it, and neither does anyone in the company.  So I have to do some research to find out how it works and if it could even work here.

Other than that, most everything is running smoothly and easily.  The free food here is really nice, but sometimes the food goes fast so you have to be quick. Hopefully the rest of the week goes well.

Uber Everywhere

After two weeks of scanning and filing seemingly endless amounts of paperwork, I’ve finally cleared out my adviser’s paper load. While I was happy to finish ahead of scheduled, I was left with little to do the final week. I was forced to quickly find a way to keep myself entertained, while not looking like I’m doing nothing. Lucky, a few people in the office were looking for ways to procrastinate, so I decided to strike up conversation with them. Abe, the CPA that took me to lunch the first day, talked to me about Israel and travailing for about an hour this morning. He pulled up google maps and took me through all the places he’d gone around the world. It was exciting to hear about the various cultures he’d experienced, and compare his stories to some of my own excursions. In the middle of our talk Andrew, the owner of the firm, joined in on our conversation. Andrew is one of the most outspoken, charismatic people I’ve ever met, so listing to him lament about his kids social media obsession was more than entertaining. He was especially bothered by his kids use of uber, which he made sure to mispronounce every time. He went on to talk about his son’s prom last weekend, which he insisted on ubering to, despite Andrew’s many proposals to get him and his friends a limo. I look forward to having more intriguing conversations with the people in the office this week!