Tuesday May 30

Tuesday was different than my normal day in the office. I arrived early in the morning to the Sony lot because the CFO and some other high ups of the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division were doing a town hall type of speech in order to address the current state of the division. There has recently been a waive of layoffs in the division, leading to a low morale around the office. This was needed in order to address the current state of affairs of the division. Most people weren’t too receptive and it seems like it’ll take some time to get back on the good side of the office.

The rest of my day was spent working on a powerpoint presentation that I will be presenting to my mentor and his boss. I ran some numbers looking at the sales performances of different titles and I will be presenting my findings in a powerpoint. I’m definitely nervous for the presentation but I’m also glad that I can use part of it for my final presentation at school.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday May 30

  1. It’s cool that you have to make and present a more formal/professional research powerpoint! (Unlike our many Cinco de Mayo presentations in seƱor’s class) I’m sure that’s a very useful skill to have and to practice, and as you said, it’s already coming in handy for the presentation you have to give at school! Good luck with the rest of your time at Sony!

  2. I see a lot some similarities in our two internships such as the layoffs and the presentation. I too have to present a PowerPoint to my mentor and some other people. Good luck with your presentation bro I know it can be nerve-wracking. Peace out homie

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