Shadowing an Orthopedic Surgeon

Today, I shadowed Dr. Jacqueline Hanna, my friend Jasmine’s mom, at the Western Hand and Orthopedic Center in Downey. All of the patients had to sign a consent form, beforehand, that said it was okay for me to be in the room with them when being seen by Dr. Hanna. This morning, I was kind of in a rush so I didn’t get to eat breakfast but just went straight to the medical center. As soon as I got there, Dr. Hanna was like, “Alright, let’s go see our first patient!” I was so stoked!

The first patient I saw had a bandage over his hand when I first walked in, and he said that his hand and wrist were crushed at work when working with bottles of nitrogen. When Dr. Hanna took off the bandage, he had about 7 to 8 pins sticking out of his hands, kind of like the ones you use for sewing. I could not believe it, I felt the pain just by looking at his hand- it was CRAZY.

Then, we went on to the second patient, who had an amputated tip on his middle finger. There were about 3 other cases of amputated fingers today, but this guy’s finger looked more normal than the rest. The others that I saw today, did not have a nail and were missing more bone. It was kind of gross but I could handle it, and working on an empty stomach helped it. I saw these patients soaking their hands in peroxide, getting their bandages removed, and taking X-rays.

Before I was about to leave, I asked Dr. Hanna if I could take a picture of the rooms and tools the doctors use (without the patients inside because it’s a breach of their privacy), and she said “Of course! Let me see your phone.” The next thing I know, we had a full on photo shoot!! She took me into all of these different rooms, in and out the building, and took like 30 pictures of me. SHE IS SO CUTE, and we took pictures together. I had a blast with her today. She only works in Downey on Tuesdays so next week, I’m going to try to go down there, because she said I would be able to view a surgery.

Dr. Hanna’s office

Slick pic of Dr. Hanna

In one of the patient rooms!

Me in the therapy unit.

Dr. Hanna took this picture. I have one with her but it's on her phone because mine died seconds after this was taken! :(

Me outside of the facility.

27 thoughts on “Shadowing an Orthopedic Surgeon

  1. Hey Leana,
    It’s incredible how you get to experience both an educational setting and a medical setting for your senior project! Sounds like you saw some pretty gory stuff sights in the orthopedic center, but glad it wasn’t too difficult to handle. What kind of surgery would you get the chance to witness next week? Is it similar to the work being done at the orthopedic center you’re at now? Hope the next couple of days go well!

    Davis Hechmer

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