SBH Marketing – Blog Post 5

May 30th, 2017

It’s the final days of my time at SBH Marketing, and I have learned so much throughout my time here. One of the most important goals of mine upon beginning my senior project was to make sure I explored the several different niches the marketing industry had to offer. I have been able to do just that, as I have gained some insight into both the research and informational aspect of the company, as well as the more creative side. I began yesterday gathering several images of successful ski products gaining a sense of what merchandise helps to represent a ski resort or ski city. Seeing the creativity that comes into the products was incredibly intriguing, further helping me develop my personal interests into the creative side of the marketing industry.

I also helped my mentor Dave prepare for the work he is completing this week, by gathering information about owners and those who license different trademarks and locations of the ski industry. Doing this was extremely important as well, and showed me the business and informational side that comes in the process of creation. Overall, I’m glad I have been able to touch on both experiences this week so far.

I have also been able to gain some insight into some of the products created by SBH Marketing as well. It is astounding to see some of the final creations, and I am glad that throughout the process of my senior project, I have been able to explore a variety of areas that helps in projects carried out by the company.

I have a couple more days left at SBH Marketing, and although sad my time is almost over, I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons I have learned throughout the last three weeks.

BuhByeForNow!                                                                                                                 Davis Hechmer

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