My Own Program?

Friday’s post:

On Friday, Kaela and I went to visit a charter school in Culver City who were interested in partnering with us. The man that we had been in contact with was super excited to have us come to and present in front of his coworkers, so we came in expecting the same type of attitude…. we were wrong. The principal and 7th and 8th grade teacher representatives were less than excited to see us and were very critical of ISA. Kaela and I were a bit nervous because we only had a 20 minute slot to talk to the 7th grade teacher rep and she was the one with the most importance to us (the application process for ISA takes up to a year!). On the drive back to the office, Kaela and I discussed how we thought the meeting went along with unpacking why this meeting made us feel so uncomfortable. We couldn’t help but notice that the people we met with were almost all white men making decisions for the majority Latino population in the school. Hopefully they prove us wrong and decide to partner with Alliance in order to give that population the oppportunity for an independent school education. The meeting was very, as Kaela put it, “gate-keeper”-y with the idea that they would decide whether or not parents would be able to handle the application process. When we got back, we had a team meeting and discussed how it went along with something else entirely. I proposed we start a program that would be like a process group ¬†for students of color (not just ISA students). A process group is like a venting group for people and ours would focus on racial discrimination/racism in their schools. I am currently working on the project proposal and I’m extremely excited for this program!


I finished my project proposal because I realized time was running out and I didn’t want to call people anymore. I am still calling people to inform them about events that ISA is putting on this summer! I spent almost the entire day making phone calls and working on my project proposal. Kaela wasn’t here today so I couldn’t run it by her. Maybe I’ll do so on Wednesday.

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