Mentor Appreciation Time!

My mentor Edith is truly the perfect boss. She is sweet and supportive of me and doesn’t criticize me for my stupid questions, of which there are many! I realize that these past few weeks I have been the epitome of the clueless intern, but she has somehow managed to help me figure out how to get through my work without ever laughing at my idiocy.

Not only that, she wants me to take more breaks. She encourages me to take a longer lunch break and constantly checks in on me to see how I’m doing. She is always organized and helps me whenever I need it.

She is also funny.

During my first week at PPLA, I was very anxious to do a good job. I think Edith knew this and decided to make me feel more welcome. Later that week a shipment of cutouts came in. Each one depicted a racist and/or cheesy stereotype of a people who use Planned Parenthood’s services. Instead of being horrified that someone had approved this, she and some of my coworkers named the cutouts and decided that these were in fact not a waste of money because they could hide them in people’s desk chairs and offices and cubicles to scare them. This was probably my favorite day at the office as I got to watch my mentor goof off.

PPLA is an organization, but it’s also a family. I think I will miss the people most of all when I leave because this group of women, especially my mentor are truly incredible.

3 thoughts on “Mentor Appreciation Time!

  1. Honestly sounds like the ideal project! Want to hear all about it as it’ll just make me love PP even more than I already do

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