Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 5

As the internship is coming to an end, everything seems to be going slower for me. I’ve finished my first task for my project, however the remaining things that I need to do should not take long. I’ve been doing more research this week, however this research is more relaxed, and the purpose of it is simply so that I know what COULD be done for Chef’d. On the contrary, the first part of my project was me doing research that helped me create the store within Chef’d, so all that research was for me to learn how to do something.

Although I know this isn’t a good thing, I’m getting a lot more sidetracked than I was earlier in the internship. I find it a lot harder to focus. Possibly because the research I’m now doing isn’t as intense or entertaining, or possibly¬†because my mind knows that the internship will be ending soon, and it is mentally shutting down. Just to clarify, I am still getting my work done… It just takes a little longer.

I ALSO MADE A FRIEND!! One downside though, I have not the slightest clue as to what his name is.. and i feel TERRIBLE. I met him the first day of my internship, we talked for like two minutes, but not until yesterday did we speak again. He’s such a cool dude; He’s traveled around the world, studied what I look to study ¬†in college, and has had so many different and interesting jobs. I have so many questions for him, but I feel weird not knowing his name and just calling him “Man” and “Bro”.

Just two more days left, and I hope to accomplish a few more things by the time this ends:

  1. Figure out my friend’s name
  2. Complete my final project
  3. Stay focused

See you all next time,

Reese A

One thought on “Crutching My Way to Victory Episode 5

  1. Hey Reese! Don’t worry, I also find myself losing focus as the senior project comes to a close. Congratulations on finishing your first task! Did you ever figure out what to do about the leftovers from the leftovers store? Do you know if the company will be implementing your ideas? I’ve come up with some ideas for the organization I’m working at, too, and I know it would feel very rewarding if they took my suggestions. I hope your last couple of days are productive, and good luck finding out your friend’s name!

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